What is the average daily earning of a typical albion players ??

    • Eventually you'll earn a lot more than that. a good figure is that about 1.5-2.5m with each 10k focus and then all gains from actually playing the game.
      Myself I just enjoy having big piles of money so I can buy shajtloads of tomes when I feel like getting a skill to 100 mastery just for the fun.

      I think T6-T7 is a good tier to PK with, above that it's just expensive, shouldn't throw money away :) Incredible gear also attract more anti PKs :P

      For faming farming I woldn't go less than T8 but for random pking around its not as important
    • Harleyskillo wrote:

      What is the best way to make money early, aside from jobs that require high spec?
      The best way is to play the game. If you play the game, and do you best to get good at it, you make a lot of money. So find out what you like to do and work hard to get good at it.
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    • Harleyskillo wrote:

      What is the best way to make money early, aside from jobs that require high spec?
      Trading between royal cities. Since each royal city gets different refining and crafting bonuses, you can usually transport goods from one city to another and make a decent profit. For example, Martlock gets a bonus to leather refining, so often you can buy leather cheaper in Martlock, run it to Thetford and sell it there where demand is higher because Thetford has a bonus for crafting leather jackets. This is just an example, and of all prices are set by the supply and demand of players so this example isn't necessarily always true. The more competition there is for a specific inter-city trade, the less opportunity there will be to make a profitable trade.

      But this type of trading doesn't require any skills, just a little bit of time to research prices between marketplaces and a little bit of silver to pay for your first 'shipment'. If you stick to only transporting between the royal cities, and don't do any trade runs to Caerleon - you can travel entirely through safe zones, so there's no risk of getting ganked. There are more direct trade routes of course, but these require you to travel through red zones, and I wouldn't recommend trying that as a new player who can't afford to lose a lot.
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