Griefing Hellgates

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    • Griefing Hellgates

      Wanted to bring up really important and tiring aspect of 2v2 Hellgates to your attention.

      It's not a "risk" or something you have to "deal with" as an army of highly ignorant people will come say. The 2v2 Hellgates are highly overcontested by gankers, 3 man 2v2 hellgate players, random shitheads that just stand there to prevent you from entering.

      Do something about the time required to get in (realisticly). 8o

      I am not the only one who does not enjoy traveling in search of 2v2 I am more often prevented from entering than I am actually dying __inside__ of the Hellgate. Why are you wasting my time? I am playing purely because the 2nd person wanted to have some fun and see what Hellgate 2v2s are about but hordes of Antifa mentality people who form groups and win with numbers are displeasing.

      I do not need advice like find less contested spot and so on. I want to enter from anywhere so I do not waste additional time traveling to where I want to be. Fix this shit or I will limit myself to just doing economy and not playing any sort of PvP.
    • Albion PvP logic

      win with numbers
      if less than enemy mount up and run (repeat)

      > win with numbers if half hp start running until you regen (repeat)

      it's really low skill ceiling when your gameplay is limited to a handful mobility kits that combined with hp regen and infinite kiting possibilities just become annoying flies in all sort of content
    • How I am playing Albion to give you an idea why does it annoy me so much.

      I am not playing 2v2s for "exciting" 2 on 2 fights (I actually never liked them) it's purely to extract Silver while laughing at people dying in way better sets. Outplay, have a laugh log off (should be 15 minutes max.)

      I look at average income something yields me look at the average time I need to "do one cycle" like x Hellgates then see if I like the Silver/Hour ratio. Over the last releases of Albion Online the individual player income had continued getting nerfed from much worse loot in Solo Dungeons "Silver Sink" updates, Black Market changes the loot is way worse than it was back when Caerleon still had a Black Zone Portal.

      Now with the spike in the Albion's playerbase I am here to announce that I am displeased with the degradation of once much more profitable activity to what it is at the time.

      - Hellgate Syncing plague
      - Loot "changes" that just made the loot worse because somebody was afraid of Economical Collapse of this game
      - "Antifa" mob standing around Hellgate considering preventing others from entering as a content
      - Large community that simply does require more access points to the most contested type of content
    • I was originally against an idea someone brought up awhile back at just removing the HGs from the OW and instead launch from the city. But the more I have thought about it since it makes a lot of sense. The risk of the HG already exists in the HG itself. It is also content denial when only 1 portal option exists basically every other zone and only every 6 minutes.

      They could change HGs to instead be queued from cities and match made from there thus guaranteeing opponents which would be an improvement from today. To many gates the team is "chased off" entrance once spawned by griefers leaving uncontested gates for the other team inside.

      The current design/rules would have to be modified some to avoid a wave of flat 4 rat shitters jumping in. Perhaps the match making focus on similar IPs with the loot rewards from chest also have different levels based on the IP risked in the gate.

      Also make the middle chest area a locked area severely limiting the run away shit also plaguing the gates today.

      These changes would lead to much more players having the opportunity to participate in this content they feel blocked from today and also be good for the economy with the much added death that would ensue.

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