Hideout specialization

    • Hideout specialization

      Hello! I want to suggest new buildings that will allow more customization to the hiddeouts, so they get this sense of specializated base. This could be worked with many restraints/options, but I will just offer what I have been thinking of.

      Barracks (standart sized building): will allow up to 3 mercenary workers/3 guys to join as militiamen when the hiddeout is threatened. In case of the hideout beign declared attack, will spawn guards outside the hideout to fend of the attackers in X waves (maybe 1, maybe 2, balance required). The guards will be of the tier of the building itself (based on territory levels maybe?). The guards will engage any enemy that gets too close to the hideout during the 20 min window to hammer, and will priotize people hammering down.
      Why I suggest this? Just to add a layer of "customization" to the bases we build in the outlands. This building will allow some hideout to become "fortresses". I know guards are meh in general, but also offer some resistance when they get leveled up and can pack a punch in large groups. So while 3 guards sounds like meh, a hideout full of these things will became quite hard to take down, but also will drain resources from the defender in form of building costs/food upkeep.

      Forager Hut (standart sized building): will gather a very small ammount of food (based on the tier of the building) to nourish the hideout.
      Why I suggest this? While some may argue that feeding the hideout/buildings is a restraint/hardship, the truth is most of the times just a nuisance. But even there, cutting production lines should harm a well defended hideout supply, and in times of need foragers have always been there. The idea is investing the building costs to get a very, very low return on investment in the form of reduced hideout upkeep/building upkeep.

      Warrior/Hunter/Mage production enhancer (No idea of how to name this) (standart sized building): Each of this building in the hideout will increase the return of resources/quality the affected building gets in the hideout. Balance should apply etc etc.
      Why I suggest this? Some players really like the economic game but they have few options where to differentiate themselves from others. Crafters in general rely mostly on specs or so, and the other thing is where they craft. A guild wanting to become "the best Swordsmith" may use some of these alongside a Warrior Tower to increase the overall return on investment of their products, while sacrificing other slots in the HO as well as some resources.

      These are my ideas so far, in general even if a particular one is not great or good as it is, I want the discussion to be focused on "making the world our own" and the customization aspect I try to suggest.

      Thanks for reading.