Reaver Level Restriction On Turning Red

    • Reaver Level Restriction On Turning Red

      Lately many Gank Groups consist of people who all make new characters, tome them up to tier 4 or tier 5, gank in large groups, until there reputation is so low that they can't enter certain zones anymore, then delete those characters and start again. I check a lot of player stats and constantly see people with like 3,000 Mob Fame and 300,000 Kill Fame. I don't think it was ever intended for this to happen. Add a restriction, like only Master Reaver or higher can turn red. Anyone else can still defend themselves if attacked by a Red, or can still fight in the War Chest style 'No Restriction PvP' areas. But being able to turn red should be a privilege earned by playing the game correctly. Not "make character, buy 3 tomes, get to tier 4, kill with 9 friends, delete, repeat". If a new player can't enter a Tier 6 Expedition until his Reaver level is high enough, then turning red should be restricted as well. Anyways, use this suggestion or not, I am good either way. I just find this new (or newly noticed by me) method to be real super cheese.

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