What is going to happen to Caerleon, and more importantly, WHEN?

    • What is going to happen to Caerleon, and more importantly, WHEN?

      It's been some time already since the realmgates of Caerleon have fallen and, for the most part, people have chosen to abandon this once mighty city, stretching out into the royals, for both good and bad.

      I am a huge fan of the choice SBI made to decentralize all the value of the outlands, and to create 5 burgeoning economies, rather that a single monolithic one, as before the reamgates started getting moved around. But, what about Caerleon now? It's a dried up corpse of what it once was. Filled with mostly risk adverse crafters and sweaty red zone PvPers. 100+ crafting station plots remain, once needed and now slowly dropping in value and usage.

      A slow death occurs as the game orients to the new economic flows created by Queen, with as yet no guidance on what will be done about it, other than some vague talk of raising the value of the red zones. Is the next update intended to address this at all? We don't know. Is it at all a priority? Will we see changes within the year? I have to hope so.

      We have come full circle from a time where I'd wake up and leave my island to find 20 or fewer players in the entire city of Bridgewatch. That time found all non-caerleon cities nearly completely evacuated, and it was allowed to stay that way. Their only real activity based on the flow of new players into the game, before they would eventually either quit, or move to the only city you were able to progress further from, Caerleon. In my opinion it went on far too long, and currently my fears are that Caerleon will become the same sort of dead city that the other five once were. I am not excited by this prospect.

      The economy of Caerleon needs reinvigorated, and the only one that can do it is SBI. But, how long will we have to wait, and how are they going to accomplish it? Do they even think it is a priority at all, or is allowing it to languish for the next couple years acceptable?

      I'm less interested in the specifics of changes. What I would like to know is, is there a plan, and if so, what sort of time frame are we talking about? Should I abandon this once mighty city? I am leaning towards yes, but the decision is weighed down by the complete uncertainty that we currently have surrounding the situation.

      What would you have SBI do, and how important is the future of Caerleon to you?
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    • Well spoken and I can understand the fear, but currently caerlon is far away from being dried up. The black market still lures in a good amount of people to the city. Then again, a central city being downgraded to a tool for quickly selling your dungeon loot is kinda tragic.
      I hope the game finds a middle ground, where the royal cities still hold value and Caerleon gives the more daring adventurers a boon for living in the redzone. Time will tell. For now the bz is gonna get more love and maybe afterwards the devs will take a look at what they can do for the carebear continent.