Lets talk about the cities

    • Lets talk about the cities

      Hey guys Zerfaxx here, I maintain complete dominance over the royal cities and would like to address some issues.

      1. Our team is completely uncontested with a nearly 100% win rate (only lost because of some attendance problems in the past)

      2. We have three teams full of the highest skill alpha males in the entire game

      3. There is zero competition left in 20v20 due to us dismantling any guild's team in a single fight

      So what comes next? Do we just hold the cities for an infinite amount of time? Do me and the boys just keep racking up these "fat stacks" of cash? Lets dive into this on a molecular level.

      The minimum cost of participation in a serious city fight is 8.1 gear and X.3 food. As the greatest permafrost player to ever touch the Ice tree, I will base a single set of gear off that class. It costs about 2.7 million silver to fund. That includes all item slots along with siphoned. Obviously this cost varies depending on your class but I tell my guys to use 8.2 against any semi-serious launch even in an 1000 IP cap city. I think this base number is a semi-fair, perhaps even a low ball, average.

      Back when we were noobs and these fights (never the points) would go back and forth, there was an average of 40 deaths a fight. 2.7m * 40 = 108 million silver. So lets say we had done 30 city fights with these low ball numbers which adds up to a minimum amount of 3.2 billion silver in re-gearing fees.

      Now that's out of the way lets get into the salary aspect I've introduced to city ownership. During war time I would pay 0m-3m a city/week to every gvger depending on how severe the money situation is and how frequent the launches against us are. To make numbers rounded, lets say I've been giving 4.5m/week/city for nine weeks. Now I personally withdraw the income out of 3/6 cities so this number will be multiplied by three. This purposely inaccurate and estimated number comes out to around 2.4 billion silver.

      Only a fool (magicmark) would consider launching on this well seasoned team just to throw away money. The barrier to entry is too high and the rewards are not enough unless you are cemented as the most dominant team that has ever played. You need to control multiple cities for a long period of time to make it worth it. I won't even begin to calculate how much silver was lost from Final Order but I can tell you some of those fights went over the 200 million silver mark for my side and theirs.

      So what can you @ SBI do to grow competition in this area? Firstly, increase the IP cap from 50% to 80%. This removes the possibility of gear crutching so guilds like june (LOL) can't win solely based on IP. There were so many times where players wearing 8.3 judicator armors would escape with less than 3% health. We have a hard cap in the crystal league, we have disarray debuff in ZvZ, it's only fair you move that same concept to such a lucrative activity.

      Secondly, you should make the incentive greater. Why not make the cities generate season points? Make 20v20 the end goal of this game. It meets the middle ground of micro skills in 5v5 and macro skills in zvz. It's the perfect combination for players to strive for. Season points similar to a castle makes sense to me.

      Thirdly, there needs to be a system in place similar to the crystal league where the victor gets to loot all the bodies at the end of the match. It's pretty nuts to think about how much loot was left on bodies over the years in cities.

      Those are my main concerns with how city gvgs operate. I'm open for discussion on this topic but I think this has been generally an ignored section of the game for quite a while. We can improve with these simple changes.

      PS: I want 20v20 hellgates.
    • The 20v20 content needs to either be supported, or removed. I don't really care which.

      We are living in the worst possible scenario, where a small group of players has become so dominate that it almost eradicates competition. The only real way to alleviate that is to create more top level players, til there are too many to make working together worth it. The only way we can get more players for this content is to have more access to it. There isn't enough support for 20v20 content to devote the amounts of silver that are rewarded to a relatively select few players. I think the income is fine. I don't think the combination of no content, and the income is fine though.

      Right now, the people interested in 20v20 content are all on the same team, and they seemingly can't be beat. That happens when the pool of players gets to small. To stop that we need a larger player pool. And for that we need 20v20 accessible content to help build it.

      In my opinion the city control system is non-functional currently. It's just a spigot to pour silver out into the pockets of the group smart enough to come up with a dominant strategy, and I suspect that the inventive to maintain this monopoly will be strong enough to keep them from falling apart anytime soon. If I recall the number correctly, the 5 Billion silver a month that they earn, is quite the reason not to rock the boat.
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    • Replying to Piddle:

      I don't think this is the worst possible scenario. The worst case scenario already happened when BA, CIR, and June owned the cities and used it for their own GM's profit. In fact I think we are in the best scenario right now where a team of 20 players that actually give a shit about the game are using that income from the cities to fund their entire guild.

      My only concern is how stale the content is atm due to our dominance. I just want more content and think incentives and change can help.

      The money is a lot but you have to realize the majority of it is going to individual players and zvz regears. It's not good of me to make this post since I'm actively "rocking my own boat" but I'm just bored and interested how bringing 20v20 content could impact the season.

      It's also very exciting to see these fights streamed on AlbionTV. I remember watching the city fights on AlbionTV when I first started playing and it definitely motivated me to conquer them one day.