seasons + registration

    • seasons + registration

      I posted about this before, this will be a bit different.

      I think to participate in a GvG season, you should register. Why -
      1 it makes it clear which guilds are competing and which guilds just want to have fun and do other things... they just happen to earn season points through Guild challenges and CGvG but never really cared.
      2 silver sink for guilds. have a buy in and part of placing earns the pot, or pot determines season rewards at the end..

      3 not always participating in every competition, if you must register to compete you could have other events similar to seasonal GvG stuff..

      like 1 season any guild that wants to compete must submit as a team of 3 guilds when registering - capped alliance competition
      another season guilds must compete with only 50 members, in their ranks.
      next CGvG are the only way to earn points

      and all of these could be going on at the same time, different guilds make a decision which to do.

      im sure some other smart folks could think of other fun ways to compete... turn in 1000 T8 unrefined mats to a new NPC gain 50 season points ... the rules dont always need to be the same, tho the traditional season could still occur obviously, and perhaps these antics could be pre season events.