Did you forget that Royal armor is in the game?

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    • Did you forget that Royal armor is in the game?

      Hi. Lets discuss. We need to look at Royal armor. It is in the game, but arrarently, all players forgot that.
      To steal mana dont win fight. Theres no situation that we can replace any plate armor for Royal armor. The idea of leaving your opponent without mana is ok, but theres no gain in stealing that mana. Fights end before you run out of mana. Many builds dont even need mana. We need to gain something more usable, to have a reason to use that armor.
      So i think that armor need to be on the top of the "rework/buff list". Then we have whispering bow, arcane, spears (...) but is not the case now.

      If you agree with the situation, then we can discuss what we can suggest.
      First, we need to know the idea of all 3 royal chest.. All 3 create an area that give something to allies when they get inside.
      So, instead of the "steal mana->mana", we could have:

      Steal mana->convert to hp for everyone in the circle. MAX for 5 allies in the circle. It will drain mana for every enemie in the circle, MAX for 5 enemies in the circle too. The drain of mana is constant for every enemie in the circle. But the gain of HP is divided for every allie in the circle.
      EX1: For 1 allies(only you) and 2 enemies in the circle, HP stealing wont be duplicate. EX2: For 2 allies(you+1) and 3 enemies in the circle, the 2 allies will gain the same amount of hp as the EX1. EX3: For 3 allies(you+2) and 1 enemies in the circle, every allies will gain 1/3 of maximum HP of the EX1 and EX2.
      Thinking in that way, we can put Helion jacket on the table. We can assure that in 1v1 and maybe 1v2, the HP gain will be better if you use Royal armor. But in 1v3, hellion would be supperior, for example.
      2,3,4,5v2,3,4,5 is another situation.
      Similar in solo, but different in group. And the mana exhaustion(enemies) still continues.
    • the problem i think there is with mana drain is apparently its either too powerful, or not at all.

      i feel like a lot of the abilities that work around mana werent designed with things like lymhurst cape in mind.

      i think royal armor just needs a complete overhual at this point.

      the royal sets all seemed to be designed with PVE in mind, given hces and royal sigils and all that, so id like to see it changed to BIS pve tank armor in some fashion, or even good in pvp. maybe combine air compressor/guardian armor ability for % mitigation aoe to allow for things that arent maces to tank pve?

      edit: you sure have a lot of ideas on this games items, thats good! while everyone may not agree, doesnt change the fact that some items are just objectively bad.
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