Suggestions: Pets, traps, books and bandit loot

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    • Suggestions: Pets, traps, books and bandit loot

      Really new player(couple of months), but i felt i needed to post this and hear others opinions.

      Pets: A lot of people would like to have them and you already have suitable models made(white bunny, little frog and others). Could have beneficial effects like picking up silver and notifying when enemy is near.

      Traps: Bear trap that roots who steps on it.

      Books: Being able to obtain books and empty books on top of tomes. Some books would give you fame in a specific node example: Notes of lazy larry grants x amount fame in fishing. Would also cause people to want bookshelves.

      Bandit loot(could not think of a better term): Allowing players to loot the stuff tiles bandits leave. For example the backpack that has bear trap next to it you loot it you would mostly get trash and maybe damaged tier 1 trap. The book pile would allow you to get trash books, tomes or books that grant fame in specific skill. Trash books could be made into empty books.

      Honest opinions welcome.
    • just incase you didn't know there are books ingame already, There is gathering books, Fishing books, crafting books and fame books for combat. You can get theses books by making a house and hiring a labor. Then you fill the books and turn them in at the labor in your house, each time you feed them books the higher level the labor becomes up to tier 8. you also need beds, table and trophics to make your labors happy for higher return rates you can find a guide on youtube pretty easier searching albion labors. you may mean some other kind of book but just thought i would say something.

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    • Oh didn´t know that. The books i thought about were mostly 3 new types on top of the existing: empty book you can write in, flavor text book which is just random book like albion´s folk tales and lastly one that gives fame to specific node in destiny board.

      For trap i though of having it in your inventory and then using it to place it.

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