Limit open ZvZ to instanced up to 40v40 max.

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    • Limit open ZvZ to instanced up to 40v40 max.


      I am huge hater of cluster queue and I find cluster queued ZvZs to be the shittest kind of content albion has to offer the reasons being
      - server can not handle it
      - players computers (a lot of them) can not handle it
      - game's engine seems to be having issues at handling it

      I would rather see some sort of closed off instance fights (GVG LMAO!) but with a cap on participating players. The most fun fights in a ZvZ I have had were 20 v 20s, 30 v 30s, 40v40s past that it's more about who *floods* who.

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    • Maybe before the fight in a zone starts your guild assigns 45 participants, consisting of up to 40 guild members and any number of alliance members (up to the 45 cap, so an alliance lets your bring 5 more).

      Once the battle begins anyone on that list will enter an instanced version of that zone, as described in the original post. Defending players accept and channel to enter the instance (much like an arena invite), any attacking players in the zone must also accept and channel, but are teleported to their last zone and must re-enter the zone.

      Teams of up to 45 can attack each other across a zone in a balanced combat scenario, where tactics (and gear) can be key.
      Fights depend on skill rather than numbers.
      Individual combatants feel more involved in the fight.
      Random outside influences can't interfere.

      Random outside influences can't interfere.

      To make larger guild numbers matter, or at least resources available to that guild. The fortification of the area could determine how many fights need to be won to capture the zone. This means a large guild with many zones needs to spend a lot fortifying all those zones, and potentially re-fortifying them after fending off attacks, while a smaller guild can focus on holding and fortifying a single zone.
    • So there was this problem with GvG terris, where it just took a hand full of people to control the world.

      The fact you change the number from 5 to 40, isn't going to change the outcome. Look at city fights for instance. Making the number of combatants equal doesn't actually make things "fair" unless everyone involved is of the same relative skill level. Which they aren't.

      OW ZvZ is the best option we have, even if it is currently considered garbage. It provides the most content for the most people.

      I think cluster queue is an over engineered solution to the problem of people exploiting zone capping, and I think disarray will be balanced right around when Star Citizen gets a full release (This means never), but OW ZvZ is better than the alternatives that I see people promoting these days.
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    • We had zone caps once before and all it does it make people lock the zone with there own players for easy wins, Cluster que isn't perfect but its stops large guilds/alliances from getting free wins because they have 150+ players in the zone and only 50 of the enemy can fit in which creates a 50vs 150 fight and there isnt much chance of winning that so therefor its an easy win for the 150 people. Cluster que fixs that problem, Instance fights we had also and if it came back we would see the best group of 40 people holding all zones just like the cities that are 20vs20 we don't see other guilds holding many of thoses hell right now 1 guild owns them all. Its not perfect but it is better then what we had.
    • So, the argument here is that 150v50 isn't fair due to numbers and 40v40 isn't fair due to... skill? Shouldn't the most skilled team win, given equal gear I mean?

      It seems like it would be easier to balance how much a group of 40 could control over how much a guild with limitless members could.

      My guess would be the game would have far more interesting fights if they made it easier for a guild to spread itself too thin in terms of how much control it has. It would encourage a larger amount of small guilds battling over territories, aiming to reach the territory with the greatest resources.

      Essentially the difficulty of controlling multiple territories should increase exponentially, while the benefit of additional guild members should be linear. That would mean there would be a point where these reach an equilibrium where it's either unfeasible to take more territory or it's detrimental to have more combatant or resource-hungry guild members.

      But yeah, if they can instead focus on how much a 40-man team could control, that would be better. I'd prefer to lose an even 40v40 fight because they were more skilled than win a 150v50 where it was a forgone conclusion from the start