Beginner Tips (from an actual beginner)

    • Beginner Tips (from an actual beginner)

      Tip 1: You should put your learning points on a harvesting/gathering skill (sell the raw materials for silver)

      Tip 2: Research a strong solo build OR research a useful group build, I recommend maxxing out a strong solo build first as you can always attribute points to different builds later.

      Tip 3: Never take advice advice from Krelt.

      Tip 4: As a beginner, you need to understand that you are at a permanent and perpetual disadvantage to anyone that started 4 years ago.

      Tip 5: Ensure your build is capable of soloing a "solo dungeon" those with green diamond entrance.

      Tip 6: Fishing is fun

      Tip 7: Remember when yellow or black or red or white or blue is mentioned it is in relation to zone type not skin colour.

      Tip 8: Prepare to die

      Tip 9: Prepare to revive
      I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail
    • Tip 3: rush for premium first and find your own way to make money, premium+focus+isle gives a good amounth of money, premium+focus+smelting gives load of money after you are 100/100. gathering=easy money(if you know how to survive to gankers) solodoung t6/8=easy money(if you know how to survive to divers)

      Tip 4: you will be at a big disadvantage to anyone that started 6+months ago. anyway if you find a good build and a good way to farm that build you can catch them and get a 400/400 full specced char with a lot of money in less than 6months.

      Tip 4.5: find a decent ally, there are many endgame guilds recruiting even lowbie beginners players, moove to the black zone and start play there, 4-5 maps far from the portal, t6.1 equips and gg.

      Tip 6: fishing is fun, gather cloth/ore/stone is way better:D
    • Tip 1 extra safety in build (mobility, inv etc) is always better than extra clear speed/dps
      You better would clean solo dgs 1-3 min longer but same time you have at least small chances if you are ganked by 2-4 ppl

      Tip 2 don’t spend money on island until you’ll have lots of money

      Tip 3 never ever use gear that costs more than 5% of all yours founds but don’t use to low tier like flat 4.0 because you have literally no chances to win in pvp using that gear while having low spec

      Tip 4 choose only one way of gaining money and lvl it to max you can
      Don’t try to lvl several lines of crafting or gathering at same time - solid money is only on mid/high lvl of any gathering/crafting so faster you’ll reach that point - richer you’ll be

      Tip 5 don’t stick to blue/yellow zones
      Move to black/red ones you reach t6 reaver

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