Is this the real experience on Albion Online?

    • Is this the real experience on Albion Online?

      Well, nothing really new. Perhaps the players with the longest time in this game have experienced it as well as and mainly the newbies. This guy really exhausted my patience, practically 2 weeks ago I have been enduring this systematic abuse by this player, I have no way to document it but at first I knew how to get along, I only answered with kindness thinking that I was going to forget it, but no! the guy insists and they can clearly see in the video what his intentions are.

      I have been playing for 1 month and perhaps the same has happened to you luckily this time I recorded it so that you can see that your intention is to really annoy and not just collect on your own. I think there is a point where you accept that there are people with superiority in farming compared to you but this is undeniable clearly their intentions are to annoy me personally and I think this is not legal.

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    • SHARKY wrote:

      There's lots of players out there that act like 13 year olds and will harass for the fun of it. E1seya is obviously one of them.

      Not much you can do really, except, as Fusionbomb noted, find another zone to gather in. Probably won't be too long until E1seya discovers new griefing content and spends all her time ganking solo players 10v1.
      Yes, I thought I could collect a lot more if you don't waste time with me or another player, now that I'm reading your comments, maybe my ignorance and not leaving my comfort zone have also been partly to blame. I made the thread and the complaint only for the emotion of the moment, there is not much that can be done about these childish attitudes.Have a good day, greetings
    • I would be curious to have the input of someone in the dev team if this wouldn't be a for of harassment that could be ban-able since there is actually no gain in following someone around specifically to prevent them doing xyz content in a bluezone that isn't faction flagged (if faction flagged was involved, this could lead to pvp which is partly the goal of the game which would be fine, but this ain't the case and is obvious that the player is just there to prevent another player of enjoying gathering content and does it on purpose.
      (the rule in TOS i am referring to is 13.2 if it helps anyone but they only mention examples as being through mail/chat basically).
      Would be nice to know if this type of behavior displayed by E1seya in the video fall under a form of harassment.
      I would have argued that it could have been role playing (ain't the case based on the video) if the player asked a "fee" to allow you to gather in the zone and actually let you do once paid through trade since that wouldn't seem to technically be against TOS but still. Where's the line between just denying content and harassment when there is actually no real gain in this?