Black Zone Feature Idea: Expansion of Castle Outposts in World Boss Locations

    • Black Zone Feature Idea: Expansion of Castle Outposts in World Boss Locations

      The map Deathreach Priory in the Black zone near the Martlock Portal (T8 Undead world boss location) is the only spot in the game with an outpost at the same location as the world boss (I've checked). This has the inadvertent effect of taxing the silver from the dungeon by 5% to the guild holding the outpost as a holdover from old Castle-Code. For the residents of Blue-Lock this has been looked at as a level of secondary income to any guild that wishes it, but the income is only as active as the activity in the zone itself. Due to the particular behavioral habits of ARCH members the tax income from the zone is a secondary income source. I wish to recommend the addition of other castle outposts to world boss locations for additional loot contestion, season points, and the tertiary effect of guild level silver taxation. The amount of silver is not "Alliance-Funding" but does provide an interesting dynamic if utilized at a larger scale. For instance if a guild was active and managed to control several world boss location outposts as well as facilitating the farming of the dungeon they would experience increased tax income from the zone while also promoting activity in the zone for their members such as was the desire with the Patch 11 update. Basically if you throw a couple outposts in Bulwark, Black Monestary, Etc people will fame there more because holding the outpost gets their guild silver and GM's will tell people to do it, and thats good because SBI just tried to push Open world FF with Patch 11 so its "In line" with past game design changes to bring further incentive to the zones.