We shouldn't stay flagged/pk after dying. (or have the option to)

    • We shouldn't stay flagged/pk after dying. (or have the option to)

      I think it would be great for 100% of the players if either every time you die you have to flag/turn PK again (or at least give you the option to turn this on/off), or if you're PK/flagged, it should warn you "Are you sure you want to enter this zone with PK on ?".

      What inspired me to write this post is that I lost 5m transporting today because of that (not a lot of money, but it is still an annoying thing). I don't really play royals, so I'm not used to turning PK on and OFF, so last week I was doing content on red, so I happened to flag up, and ended up dying (normal stuff), and logged off because I had to do other stuff. Now, a week later, I decided to go on the royals again, this time to do some black market transporting. So I get my transporting gear, and my 8.1 specter jacket, and other 7.2s and 8.1s, etc, and go on my way to carleon. As I enter de tunnel I noticed a blob and 1PK, so I was like "Oh shit, that's nice, It's probably 100% safe here", so I proceed to walk in the direction of the blob. I see al these blues and I walked straight into it, and then to my surprise I get ganked by these 10 blue guys, remember that one PK ? It was me :D I wish I was streaming, you guys should have seen my face when I noticed I was flagged UP.

      Anyways, this post isn't about crying or anything, I actually think it's funny how stupid I was. However, I think it could be nice if the game was more clear about when you're PK, and here's a few solutions:
      Every time you die with PK/Fag, you reset to normal. (Or give us the option to turn this on)
      Every time you leave the city with Flag/PK it warns you that you're flagged.(Or give us the option to turn this on)
      Make so when you're flagged you see everyone RED (just like in black zone). Now this one is BIG, because not only it will make you be "Oh shit I'm flagged", but also makes it much easier to PvP on red zones.
      If these solutions are difficult, just make so the Pk icon is more clear on your character or something.

      And before people star ranting about it: Yes, I do know you can check if you're Flagged or not, but for someone who doesn't do red content at all, it's not something that you will notice. And also, the habit of always turning PK off after finishing the red zones activity is not a habit I have, because I only play on black zones.

      Well, anyways, thanks for the attention :)

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