For the love of God, fix/rework/buff nature staves

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    • currently nature is possible as sole heal both for pve and pvp. but achieves less with more work. so in conclusion, as said multiple times in this thread already, holy is better (almost) every time.

      under these circumstances i suggest a major change to the healing system.
      holy stays main heal, nature changes from bad heal to healing support.

      how would this work?
      holy wont be touched for now (maybe later adjustments if deemed necessary).
      1 holy + 1h nature wont cause healing sickness. unless holy is that much stronger numberswise (lets hope for Q cast speed bug to be fixed soon) 1 nature + 1 holy should be preferred over 2 holy now. for small scale stuff at least.
      alternative: only no healing sickness when in same party.

      + holy would still have "higher value" than nature but at least nature would see more play.
      - overall healing buff (and healing sickness was added for a reason)
      - nerfing one or both nodes could make them (even more) trash when played without counterpart (nature only/heal only).

      nature would need changes to skills, more supportive character like protection of nature, cleanse, or rejuv breeze.
      druidic staff, revitalize too high heal potential probably.
      more interactions with holy could be added.

      if going with the alternative route some spells could get a second design. current spells while sole healer in party. the second, new spells when together with 1 or more healer in party. so in some cases 1 spell has 2 possible forms.
      [the spells would flip even in combat when healer is added to party to avoid abuse, cds (remaining/full) wouldve to be discussed later.]

      again, i know this is a massive change to healing.
      but with the alternative route i feel its good.
      yes, it requires a bit more knowledge and im aware some ppl look up "build" guides for albion.
      but this is definitely not too demanding.
    • Nischana wrote:

      How bad will the nerf next patch be for a nature staff solo build ?
      I started playing Albion and was kinda found of the Nature Staff as a solo weapon will it make the heal totaly useless unless you are not getting attacked ?
      if It is liear, yes.. you end up negative if dps is e.g. bow normal, dagger 1h or a simple sword or fire..

      So u have to secure it with cleric robe, or sprint..
    • This is probably the biggest obvious sign that the nature is a forgotten wep....

      How can it say Additionally, if Rejuv and Thorns and mutually exclusive? This tooltip was prolly here since thorns were a W spell. Basically this is the only E in the entire game with a condition where you have to pick which part of the spell is gonna activate... SMH
    • sandstorm22 wrote:

      Can't both activate? What am I missing?
      u can choose:
      use healing Q for maximum heal potential on E and miss out on root
      or use thorns for root and get weak heal on E :)

      with the correct numbers it can be ok. actually increases depth.
      even if it feels bad cuz one cant have all goodies :D.

      edit: i said it can be ok with correct numbers. i guess atm its weak. havent played it in smallscale or seen in any vids.
      for solo not viable i feel.
      for teamplay: if u go root ure mediocre support with a bit of dmg (only noticeable over longer fights on clumps prolly), 1 cc, and either prot of nature on w or cause of healing sickness.
      with healing Q ur E isnt worth it numberswise yet i fear.

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    • Guilefulwolf wrote:

      it sounds like u can do both efects healing ur allies and also rootting ur enemies at the same time. If it isnt that way then the text should be changed .
      if you have thorns up, its a pretty mediocre heal but yes, you do get both components but only when you have thorns up.

      if you are using not thorns, you will never have 3 thorns stacks and it will just heal, no root/dmg.
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    • the root has shitty range. since when do you want as a dps want to walk up to a nature user. only great nature is usable because of the heal on hit on E. walking up to heal/ root is non sense in my opinion

      nature realy needs a rework. because every other staff gets out scaled in healing by holy and people complain nature is too op in open world solo PvE and PvE just because of one nature staff and that is great nature in a pvp setting with no mage robe
    • The_Support_God wrote:

      the root has shitty range. since when do you want as a dps want to walk up to a nature user. only great nature is usable because of the heal on hit on E. walking up to heal/ root is non sense in my opinion

      nature realy needs a rework. because every other staff gets out scaled in healing by holy and people complain nature is too op in open world solo PvE and PvE just because of one nature staff and that is great nature in a pvp setting with no mage robe
      funny thing is that the moment you catch up to them and press the root, the moment your animation and stand time ends the root ends as well due to cc resistance. The mechanic is already trash but the root duration even more so, going to all that effort to root someone for .5 secs, with any ping at all it's basically 0 secs
    • In order to fix nature staff i think it comes to :
      -Rework each of nature's E to have diffrent scalings or added effect depending of if you use thorns or rejuvenation / maybe looking on different cooldowns too
      -Reducing standtime on auto-attacks (general issue)
      -A 5th w that can fix glarent weaknesses on druid but adds an another one idk
      -Look at the healing sickness to work differently than holy (feels like you get healing sickness depending the number of consecutive ticks rather than total amount of heal)
      -Removing cast time on thorns (you have no mobility already with autos, no need to add unnecerary immobility on that weapon).
      -Increasing range of auto-attacks

      Im trowing possible routes for improvement.

      For the one telling q cast on holy heal is bugged, i want to know what it makes cast time reduction bug the holy staff

      EDIT : Also one of the main reasons that druid don't get buff/only nerf imo is due to the really soon introduction of corrupted dungeons. In good hands, druid can pretty much 1v1 everything.

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    • my core issue with Nature right now is "why shouldn't I just use Holy instead?"

      Most of my experience of using nature staff in pvp comes from 2v2 HGs and some solo pvp. I have some experience in ZVZ healing, but more on that later. I will first start with 2v2s. To me, 2v2 HGs is where the divide between nature and holy really stand out like a really sore thumb. Outside of great nature rats and some masochists who still use the druidic staff, nature is simply not used. Lifetouch has indisputably been the king of healer/dps comps in hellgate for months now. The boldest metabreaking healers in 2v2s will usually just bring a different type of holy staff.

      Why is the lifetouch staff used so often?
      Let us first start to compare the E of the lifetouch staff to the E of a nature staff previously used in the 2v2 scene, the druidic staff

      With a 1.3k ip druidic staff, a delayed heal for 467 for 61 energy. 25 second cooldown

      With 725 ip lifetouch staff, a continuous heal that heals for 498 total for 34 energy that also removes debuffs. 15 second cooldown.

      That's just the E alone. Observing their Qs, Flash Heal far surpasses Rejuvenation as a heal and nature has no selection to even compete with Holy when it comes to their Q. What is a nature healer going to do? Switch to thorns? Maybe slap down a Rejuvenating Mushroom so his partner can get a piddly heal as well?

      For Ws, Revitalize is nearly impossible to use if your opponent is semi conscious at minimum. It can be interrupted very easily and since the nerfs, a player can simply damage the nature user to interrupt the channel. The upcoming patch shows that the disruption will not only be increased but there will be longer delay until the first heal which is just insane. This was obviously done in support of the coming 1v1 content to avoid extremely cheesy sustain builds, but in turn really hurt the use of this spell in other areas. Protection of Nature isn't terrible, so I have no complaints. As for Cleanse Heal, do I even need to talk about it? It heals for basically nothing and as far as cleanses go, there are better options *cough* Lifetouch *cough*. EDIT: Yes I understand the nature healing cleanse is targeted AOE. Targeted cleanses have great use in ZVZs, but this leads the nature healer having to decide between Breeze and a Cleanse. I personally haven't seen anyone use the Cleanse, but I'm sure they're out there.

      Now for ZVZs, I honestly feel that when I'm healing another person a holy healer is healing, all I've done is neutered the holy healer. Not only does the heal over time refresh the sicknesss duration, it also heals for basically nothing. The upcoming patch will also exacerbate the problem as the healing sickness will be increased from 25% to a whopping 40%. I can only imagine the face of all holy healers when that 15 heal per second heal of their neighborhood friendly nature healer is cutting their heals by 40%.

      tl;dr - pretty much nothing because any suggestions to not nerf nature MORE will fall upon deaf ears

      Can we start placing bets on how Nature will be nerfed next? I'll put silver on the next nerf being on the GN staff E :thumbsup:

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