Do you play anything else besides Albion Online?

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    • Lately, I made one step backward, to one of the best games of the past - Civilisation, especially Civ VI.

      None title has ever given me so much fun as civ... The only thing besides playing Civ VI, what I can do is to wait for civ VII, but it will probably take a lot of time...

      Anyways, I also bought Assassin's Creed Odyssey on a big sale, so I can finally finish it (but sadly my current pc can't hold the highest graphic settings =( ).
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    • Usually, I have Skyrim up and paused while I’m writing. Whenever I find myself stuck, I switch over to Skyrim, play for ten or fifteen minutes, then when I get unstuck, I pause the game and switch back to writing.
      This past week or so, I’ve been playing C&C 3 instead. Same thing: I’ll start a skirmish (me against the computer) and leave it paused. If I get stuck writing, I’ll switch over to the game, unpause it, play for a bit, then hit Pause and go back to writing.