1H Dagger vs Greataxe

    • 1H Dagger vs Greataxe

      Hello, so I'm mainly a PvE player and I've recently seen a big increase in 1h Dagger usage in clearing solo dungs because of the recent buff or so.
      Since greataxe remains the king for clearing dungs maybe the 1h Dagger could overtake it?
      I just wanna know which is better and get some opinions from you all.

      Right now I'm currently investigating more about 1h dagger so I can't decide yet.
      But I know both are amazing at clearing dungeons and both CAN do pvp but can easily be countered.
    • As someone maxed in both, greataxe is still king when it comes to solo dungeon clearing, BUT 1h dagger is very effective at solo clearing group dungeons. Some of the best fame I can get is just soloing a yellow t5 group dungeons with 1h dagger. The main problem with that is the loot is so poor that it doesn't offset the auto respec cost, which means it costs me a shit ton of silver to do that.

      So, if I'm feeling rich and want good fame, I do groups solo with 1h dagger. If I'm not, I take the gaxe and do solos.