Pet that pickups silver

    • Pets just don't fit into Albion. Silver dropping on the ground doesn't even make any sense from a usability experience, in fact it makes the user experience on a high level worse. They should make it like fame so it should automatically goes into your inventory.
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    • The_Support_God wrote:

      where people would like to steal silver

      what silver stealing? you only get small silver from trash mobs, everything else is in silver bags that cannot be dropped

      The_Support_God wrote:

      but bad way of going into it without bots auto farming taking over the meta like EVE Online

      if you knew how bots work you would know they already pick up silver lmao

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    • The_Support_God wrote:

      Ever played diablo 2 or path of exile? ya... it is a quality of life change but this is a full loot pvp where people would like to steal silver
      good suggestion but bad way of going into it without bots auto farming taking over the meta like EVE Online
      Steal silver where? People would steal silver at yellow zones 80 silver a piece? At black zone? At BZ or RZ when such "silver" stealer would come to your dungeon and you would kill him and take hes pet.
      There is no real reason or profit to be made at AO with pet "stealing silver". If you are so broke that you need to follow people doing dungeon so you could loot their silver drops you are doing something really wrong... Its just QoL that silver would be auto-pick-up.
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    • imagine pet auto picks silver. goes to area where silver spawns on ground (treasure site) walks around . pet with larger range collects silver. and the fun begins

      if you kill mobs and silver directly goes into your pocket its fine

      if you use bots kill and auto pick up silver after that also fine . they can patch that by shifting mobs around everyday or some other method

      if you add auto clicker to just pick up silver in treasure site then devs will just add mobs that will just wander in and give you a beating if you farm too much like how you farm cows in the Witcher 3 where devs add a super hard mob that need actual skill to beat it that no auto battler can do

      but if you go around with a silver pick up pet or allow you to pick up silver form a far range then you will have a problem with auto clickers and auto pathers which is a bit harder to track down because you cannot expect them to patch that unless you want to say pets cannot pick up silver from non mob drops.

      then you need to code every silver dropped in the game with an extra tag saying which silver that pets can or cannot pick up which is just stupid

      or pet can only pick up silver by mobs which are killed by you

      ok lets fix that by making sure pets cannot pick up silver while you are in combat then. and then the range should also be small so that it will not be broken.
      Ranged builds will be like now that is unfair why melee can pick up silver on the go while we cant we will lose some silver gain if we do not walk near the silver with our pet
    • Calesvol wrote:

      I legit never pick up silver because I am that fucking lazy, and I have probably cost myself millions in silver since I have been playing. Would be awesome if this was just automatically picked up.
      The developers have said that this is beyond their technical capabilities.

      They didn't really say that.
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