Grizzly Bear, Direbear and Winterbear Max Load broken ?

    • Grizzly Bear, Direbear and Winterbear Max Load broken ?

      PrintsKaspian wrote:

      [20. January 2020] Queen Update

      Mounts intended for transport have had their transport stats increased,
      while those intended for battle have had their transport stats
      [*]Saddled Direboar:
      • Carry Weight: 1252kg → 2623kg
      [*]Saddled Wild Boar:
      • Carry Weight: 739kg → 1477kg
      [*]Saddled Direbear:
      • Hitpoints: 1855 → 2847
      • Carry Weight: 2469kg → 5408
      [*]Saddled Winter Bear:
      • Hitpoints: 1689 → 2365
      • Carry Weight: 1231kg → 2462kg

      Grizzly Bear:

      • Hitpoints: 1770 → 2686
      • Carry Weight: 2146kg → 4498kg

      With yesterday's patch, the load capacity of Grizzly, Direbear and Winer Bear was set back to before the queen patch is that a bug or is it intentional and who knows why is that not in the patch?

    • Hey there,

      there was a very old bug that had the Max Load Capacity basically halved. So when you had the full 2249kg on the Grizzly, your weight limit would be 200%, not 100% as it should be. We doubled the Max Load Capacity for transport mounts with the Queen Update as a workaround, and then fixed the initial bug with Queen Patch 11:

      Printskaspian wrote:

      UI Improvements: Carry Capacity Display
      The Carry Capacity display has been improved and streamlined:
      • The Max Load Capacity now refers to 100% of the player capacity (it previously referred to 200%, which was confusing)
      • The carry weight bonuses displayed in item details are now halved because of this change
      • From a gameplay perspective, nothing has changed - all that changes is the way it is displayed
      • Additionally, the load status display in the character details now more clearly shows when your movement speed will be impaired