Selling order issues

    • Selling order issues

      I created a selling order for a t8.3 badon outsatbding for 16.6M and It was sold by 4M. That was the price of the buying order and I didnt sell It directly because i got an e-mail, and I'm 100% certain that i wrote 16.6M because i checked the taxes. Even If i had Just created the order the price should be the same of the cheaper selling order, that was above 16M. How did It switched for 4M??
    • If you mistakenly entered a price for a sell order, that is lower than the current buy order, it will generate a "Items Sold in <Market>" mail at the highest buy order price.

      Your best bet is probably to contact support with as much detail as possible, and they may be able to tell you what you did for sure.

      (not to be eaten!)