things u hate about school

    • things u hate about school

      alright just post some things you hate/dislike about school so others can see if they relate to you. it kinda makes things better when you know you're not the only person who feels a certain way <3

      1) I already know some of yall arent gonna pass this class
      uh you failed at your job???do you want a trophy????

      2) *first day of school* OKAY GUYS WE'RE ALREADY BEHIND
      idek your name????? behind on what??? what even class is this????

      3) "I can't do my part if you don't do your's"
      WE can't d our part if you don't do your's. you get paid for this, Mary. get it together.

      mmk i wanna see what you fellow students dislike about school so please tell me : )
    • sounds like your teachers are encouraging you to prove them wrong and give you a sense of responsibility, if you don't grasp that, your parents probably didn't do a good job of teaching this to you before you started being told such things at school.
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    • Fastback wrote:

      Where to start... I don't see the very concept of homework. I understand that you need to summarize what you learned at the end of the day, but don't you think that you could have done it right away in school? Why do I have to sit in school all the time and come home tired and sit down and do my damn homework?
      Having homework as a child may have well prepared me for my current life of 'Working from Home'.
    • Remembering my time at school, I can’t say that I didn’t like it that much, but if we talk about college, it was quite difficult to study, they asked for a lot of homework. I especially did not like writing essays that were asked almost every day, I was noticeably tired of it, then there were no essay writing services yet.
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