Mail Filters, Add more for market - All, Sold, Bought, Expired.

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    • Mail Filters, Add more for market - All, Sold, Bought, Expired.

      Hello, I would like to request a few more mail filters options for market mails, With only 1 filter option someone who buys and sells a lot of items this makes it very hard to find mails for sertain items, I have requested many other options for making the mail log system for the market and none have happened so I thought I would try another much easier option which is more filter options for Bought, Sold and Expired market mails. With theses filter options finding items that have expired and what market will be much easier for people that get over 50+ market mails everyday, With them all being together it makes finding an item sold or bought much harder and even more so for finding mails for expired items, Having filter options for expired, bought and sold will make finding theses mails much easier because if I'm only wanting to see "expired" items for an example I could simply switch from "market mails" to "market mail expired" then find what markets theses items have expired at much faster then looking through pages and pages of bought and sold items. Please give the market mail log system some love PLEASE. Thank you <3 Neef.