Solo playability

    • Solo playability

      I just wanna suggests some reward for killing players with small numbers i mean really small 1 to 3 players. This kind of players dont have any healers or face multiple enemies. It would make solo players more viable.

      This kind of buff give you overtime healing, energy regain and cd reduction. It has 30 second of cooldown.

      for example::

      1 player after killing a enemy in solo they gain 16% max health, 10% energy and 20% cd reduction in 5 seconds
      2 players:12% max health and 8% energy
      3 players: 8% max health and 6% energy

      What do you think?
    • Oke maybe 2-or 3 players could gain less from killing players. If you wanna play healer for every situation its good for you but its more fun if you have a chance to fight back with 2-3 dps agains a healer team.
      Yea spear, carving and warbow are a very good option. They have a high mobility while they deal a huge damage.
      Mostly you dont wanna die, this is why this buff could make a new meta for lower mobility weapons. This way you could swap your guardian helmet and cultist robe for a more usefull equipment. Maybe guardian helmet and cultist robe could just halve the buff power.

      ;The fear of death make the players use high mobilty weapons and healing equipment.'