Hideouts are a plauge on the lands

    • Hideouts are a plauge on the lands

      Am I the only one how thinks hideouts are just too numerous and are really available for for the smaller guild to use.

      The mega alliances have hideouts next ot he open-world dungeons, hell gates, ....

      Just seems to me they failed to promote getting the average player not in a mega alliance to play/live in the black zone.

      It would be nice to be able to move them.

      I hate to think I will have to play in a mega alliance. It isn't like I want the ZvZ content, but BZ PvE content is getting further and further away.

      Roads of Avalon? Maybe
    • I don't think you are alone in thinking this.

      However, the question always comes down to "How do you resolve this?".

      How do you make the BZ more available to average players, without hindering the guilds/alliances that have worked hard to earn/protect their territory?

      I don't have an answer, but the amount of posts regarding this seem to indicate a want for something to be adjusted. Any changes will have people who hate it and love it.

      They(SBI) have been pretty good(from what I have seen) at making adjustments regularly. I will continue to play no matter what.
    • HO's should only be allowed one per guild. Access options set at guild, alliance, public as only 3 choices. Still with this many small guilds will not have HO placement capability without being picked on by large alliance during placement. The resolution with that is either make BZ cities more livable by adding stations or adding even more realm gate portal options per city for more BZ access.