incorrect client version

    • incorrect client version

      hi there;
      my first day playing this game was yesterday, and the game is a great one. after the last update, a massage appeared to me refusing my entry
      "Incorrect client version! server expects version 1.16.396.167506 but your client is only compatible to 1.16.396.166738

      i need a solution please, and tell me if it is better to play the game on steam or directly from the site?
    • Hey there,

      I guess you are playing on PC? Please go to the launcher settings and choose the Repair Function.

      If you play on Steam or with our native client does not make a difference for you, the only eventual one being that with Steam, ingame purchases can only be made with the Steam Wallet..

      You can not use both, Steam and the native client, interchangeably with one account though.