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    • Transmutation Fees

      I just started playing about a week ago and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Albion's crafting and market mechanics. I understand most of it, like resource return rates and how stall usage fees are calculated.

      However one information black hole remains, transmutation! I understand that you can pay silver at resource refinement stalls to increase the tier and enchantment level of raw materials. The question is: how exactly is this fee determined? I've noticed that the fees do vary slightly between stalls, so the usage fee must be a factor. I really need the rest of the formula and I can't find decent information anywhere.

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    • Trans rates are dependent on the global discount, the shop usage fee, item value, and every item has a hidden base trans rate value tied to it which you can find in the data dump here: I recommend downloading it and then opening it with notepad++ then searching transmute.

      First we need the Global Discount.
      Global Discount formula is, GoldPrice/3000*100=discount% so the current discount at a gold value of 2747 is 2747/3000*100=0.0843%

      Then we look up say T7 fiber transmute cost which is 1200. And then the formula for finding the transrate before the usage fee is,
      ItemTransCost- (ItemTransCost*Global Discount) or 1200-(1200*.0843)= 1098.84

      Then we need to tack on the usage fee which the formula is, ItemValue*5*fee%. In this case, (12*5)*.55=33. 12 being the item value (T7 fiber) and .55 being the shop's usage fee (a weaver in Lymhurst)

      Finally we have the transrate and the usage fee so add em together and round and we have the transmutation fee. 1098.84+33=1132(rounded up)

      So the formula will look like this.
      (ItemTransCost- (ItemTransCost*Global Discount)) + (ItemValue*5*fee%) or again in our case
      (1200-(1200*.0843)) + ((12*5)*.55) = 1132(rounded up)

      Lemme know if I fucked up anywhere or if you have any questions.