Improving The Albion Online Experience

    • Improving The Albion Online Experience

      We all can agree that Albion Online is quite a good game in its own way even among its rivals such as world of warcraft. The developer's way of managing their game after the free to play introduction and its aftermath of increased player base is also consider decent."I Guess"

      The Problem comes when game clarity is not good enough. Especially for newer players. i have tried and tried many times to get proper data from many sites such as wiki and albion online 2D but extracting those game data can be annoying and sometimes downright difficult for newer players.

      There are a few suggestions devs can help fix this problem and it would not be too heavy or buggy on the devs part.
      Consider it a quality of life for devs and players moving forward

      1) Revamp the wording for skills.
      There are many skills in the game that does not give you and accurate measure of how strong / how weak they are due to lacking information. such as skill duration. damage type, and sometimes the so called "stand time"

      For example: life curse staff
      Summons a ring of deadly blades, around yourself or an ally, that follow the target around. The blades will repeatedly deal 92 damage, and reduce attack power by 5%, stacking up to 10 times.

      New players would ask. how long does the ring of blades last. how large is the ring of blades and what is the total maximum damage that the skill is able to do to a single target.

      One more thing to add here is to color code damage types in weapon descriptions (Red=physical, blue=magic damage,green=heals, white=true damage )

      2) Actively fix the wiki or have a dedicated library
      Wiki is you know the wiki. players of the community update the wiki and sad to say the number of wiki editors for this game is a bit lacking

      Taking a page of a good game with many followers "Path of exile"

      Having a in game help booklet containing the collected data of all weapons, Armour, buildings, mount, keyword descriptions (invisibility, invulnerable,reflect )

      3) Add button to allow users to use all silver bags in one go