The Market : First Impresions! Seal Of Approval!

    • The Market : First Impresions! Seal Of Approval!

      Hey all,

      The market is awsome!


      I know it's not 100% perfect, and i wish it was more practical, but it's one of the best I had seen in any MMO i have played.

      The simple fact that it is player AND town based is awsome. No "system" items (except drops from dunjons) .
      And that you can put the price you want is awsome.
      You can just "play" with the prices like you wish.
      Possibilities are enormous.
      Buy low, sell high. Change the price of an item like you want (with money of course)

      And the true power are buy/sell orders. This is just awsome.

      Market the +

      - Player based
      - Always changing prices
      - Buy/Sell orders
      - Offer and demand based
      - Town based. (not same prices/items disponibilities)

      Market the - (well not really , its more system based)

      - When you want to sell items (through the sell tab) from your inventory, you must scroll back to the last one each time
      - You can't "lock" items from your inventory that you don't want to sell. (For example, i have a t5 sword in my inventory that i want to keep, but I should be able to put a "don't want to sell" and it doesn't appear in the sell tab.)
      - More info on the sell order you put. Like a small icon for sell order you just edited. Or more lines also. I get only 3 lines. It's a bit small. Maybe if the window was a bit bigger or sell/buy order on 2 differents tabs.
      - When you want to take what stay in the market place (the 60 days time limit items, i forgot the name of the tab) , sometimes you have some "error messages" that appear, like this order was already taken or things like this. When you have over 1000 items and it takes 10+ min you must stay on the window to check if the message comes or not. (maybe just remove this pop-up)

      Well i surely forgot many things in the + or - but all in all, the market is AWSOME.

      It's the best and fastest way to make money (at least for me at my level.) but you need dedication and knowledge about the market. (But you just need to take some times and check it !! )

      Passing grade big time for the market. (not like the island !! )

      Thanks for reading.