Android version not working fix your game

    • Android version not working fix your game

      Reinstalled a number of times, Also factory reset my phone, You guys removed GFN access and I cannot even play the game on my phone, I get to the character selection and it will not load at all just freezes and plays the same damn music all the time with the waves crashing, I'm just about done with this game, You have completely stopped me playing this game after me spending a lot of money of the game! SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 is my phone and it surpasses the specs needed to run the game, I am seriously just about done.. I am fed up and frustrated, How hard is it to keep the steam version of the game available on GFN and then get the game client onto GFN, But instead you cry and whinge about your game being added to GFN without permission when it has brought you in a huge amount of players and money!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT, I have played the game constantly on GFN, Found the game out through GFN, Spend so much damn time on the game just for it to go to waste because "It was added without permission" So you think you can just not opt in to GFN when it's free to do so, Then allow your players to carry on playing your game, But instead I have to rely on you guys fixing your broken android version or you guys thinking of adding GFN support in the near "Future" WHY CAN YOU NOT JUST DO IT NOW, IT IS FREE, CONTACT NVIDIA, GET THEM TO DOWNLOAD THE CLIENT ONTO ONE OF THEIR SERVERS, IT IS NOT HARD, IT IS EASY, YOU JUST NEED TO TELL THEM AND ASK THEM AND OPT IN!!!!!!!! Seriously fed up, If you guys don't grow up and fix this soon then you will have not only lost me but a lot of players also, Then you will care, CARE NOW AND SORT IT OUT

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      okay so you added this into the rant section
      Its hardly constructive feedback is it ... if you think it is then which bit is constructive? The bits where you capitalise to shout? The bit where you accuse them of crying and whinging? The part where you tell them to grow up?

      Yeah .... its a rant.
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    • I totally agree with your "rant" as an Android only user its clear to see why they have never officially released an iOS version of the game cause with the amount of freezing and constant crashes even on my top of the line Galaxy Tab S6 with well over 3gb ram its clear to see that Apple will never let this trash into their app store. Don't get me wrong the game is wonderful when it runs for its 10 minutes or so but if its going to constantly crash then why not just yank out the mobile support all together since this issue has been here for quite some time its obvious that the developers don't care enought about the mobile users to fix it. I don't even want to play until its fixed cause the game really benifits from premium and I can't pay for premium when I'll have to close and restart the game like 6 times every hour. I mean its not like we are screaming about wanting a feature added etc we are just screaming that these constant crashes needs to be fixed.
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