Update on API - New Endpoints

    • Hey all,

      Please see the following post regarding an update on the API:

      Talion wrote:

      Hey everyone,

      Thanks for bringing up your concerns about the performance of the API. Considering that this API was always meant to be for internal use, and thus entirely undocumented, the sheer number of tools that were developed and serve community purposes is astounding.

      This widespread acceptance and distribution of tools latching onto that API is, at the moment, its downfall. The increase in player numbers, paired with the increase in numbers of tools, brought the infrastructure behind this API pretty much down to its knees. That doesn’t make you happy because your tools don’t work, it doesn’t make us happy, because our killboard doesn’t work. We’re currently investigating which attempts at improving the situation are the ones most likely to succeed. Throwing even more hardware at the situation is obviously the first step, will likely only buy some time - and is also something that’s not an instant implementation. However, we’re on it.

      Going beyond that, we will have to look at the fundamental architecture of the API itself to enable it to handle all the data from the hundreds of thousands of people playing the game, as well as the tools that our community, that you guys, develop and maintain.


      Hope that helps to clarify things a bit!

      - Mytherceria