Books You're Currently Reading?

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    • At the moment I'm reading pretty good book written by R. Ludlum - "The Jackson Directive".

      When I will finish it, I would probably look for sth related to my current college subjects, besides fun we need to develop ourselves. =)
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    • [*]
      I just finished The Miniaturist. It was one of those books that I devoured to be honest. It's set in Amsterdam in the late 17th century (I'm obsessed with Amsterdam right now) and is about a girl who goes to live at the house of her new wealthy husband. There were parts of the story that I found a bit unconvincing — particularly the whole sub-plot upon which the title is derived — but I really enjoyed the claustrophobic atmosphere and the sheer amount of research that evidently went into the period.
      I might try the author's new book next, which conveniently just came out.