Re-Balancing Avalonian Armors

    • Re-Balancing Avalonian Armors

      After considering each of the new Avalonian items, and witnessing how often and how effectively they are used within the game – I have come up with some ways to make each of the item more viable.

      I have come up with two ways to change the items. First to make it good, which really just means make it an option. The second is to make it outshine every other item like it.

      I did this because these are hard to get items, and if you change them to just be an option, at a certain point they will become more expensive than other equally appealing options. This, by itself, will automatically make them inferior, even if they are equal or slightly better, to other options. The only way to make them remain appealing,even with an increased cost, is to obviously make them better than anything else. This obviously has a negative impact on every other item in the game, so I included both opinions.

      Helmet of Valor

      Problem The helmet is too similar to Motivational Cleanse, and The Void in the Arcane line. Not only is it too similar, but it is also on a delay, which if you're trying to save a group of allies, a delay isn't exactly what you want.

      How to make it GoodRemove the delay, and give a small amount of CC immunity after the cleanse,like 2 secs. This will make it appealing to locus players, who usually run Assassin Hoods to refresh their cleanses, but will also add a benefit in making people immune to follow up CC.

      How to make it God TierRemove the delay, and add a shield of around the same base values an Arcane staff. This will make it a must have in every single ZvZ, and will be the go to save for every support player.

      Armor of Valor

      Problem Plate wearers and tanks are meant to control the battlefield. By making the armor shoot back damage and a small debuff, it falls very short in this regard,and no real tank would ever consider running it.

      How to make it GoodInstead of shooting back damage have it shoot back a 1 sec stun. This would be annoying enough to disrupt an engage, and would be a selective addition to a ZvZ.

      How to make it God TierHave it shoot back a slow that stacks up for 5 times for 20% per stack as well as a healing debuff for 8 secs. This would be crippling to any engage, and would force a zerg into fighting into an engage that they would otherwise try to reposition after.

      Boots of Valor

      ProblemA zerg requires more mobility. The current 4s on the boots just is not long enough for a zerg to engage, and reposition. It is also situational, so you have to use it on an engage that your opponent wants to take. (they counter engage or you are counter engaging)

      How to make it GoodJust adding another 2 secs onto the movement speed buff after the cleanse will make these boots an option in ZvZs, without making them the only option.

      How to make it God TierMake the first speed bonus 60%, and change it to 4 secs. This will make it useful both offensively and defensively, and in any situation.

      Hood of Tenacity

      ProblemThis item is already good, and useful very selectively for melee dps, but is not mandated for ZvZs.

      How to make it GoodNo change.

      How to make it God Tier – Keep the Healing Received debuff, but remove the Ability to Heal debuff and replace it with an Armor Debuff that is about half of that of the Stalker Hood without any requirements for your opponent's health.This will make the item extremely strong for any non-burst melee dps.

      Jacket of Tenacity

      ProblemThis item is already very strong in PvE, but in PvP it is too situational, and burdensome to try to find the correct type of opponent to use it on,then you have a very small window to use it.

      How to make it GoodChange the amount of time the buff is on you to 8 secs, and increase the damage buff to 30%. This will make it appealing to clappers,especially sword clappers, who need to get within melee range while maintaining stacks.

      How to make it God Tier – Change the buff to Damage vs Players, make it non-dependent on who you target, and keep the buff at 5 secs. This would be the go to armor for any clapper, and maybe even non-burst melee dps.

      Shoes of Tenacity

      ProblemThe issue here is that these are a shoe item with no mobility. They give clappers around the same amount of damage as they would get with the Royal Sandals, but give you no way to get in or out of the fight.

      The biggest issue is giving the shoes more mobility with such a low cooldown. Also adding more flat damage to the shoes could make them too strong in small scale, where you may value securing a kill over getting in and out of danger quickly.

      How to make it GoodI would suggest making the movement speed buff, invisibility, and the damage buff all one buff, and making it 3 secs. This would add a minor amount of mobility, not in movement speed, but in invisibility.This could allow a melee dps to get in and out of danger, not with pure speed, but with deception.

      How to make it God Tier –Up the base damage by 10%. This would put it beyond Royal Sandals, and would be the go to item for any clapper.

      Cowl of Purity

      ProblemThe cowl is already a decent item, the reason it is not used more often is because the head slot is usually reserved for utility, and not often used for direct damage. If it is used for damage, it is used in conjunction with a burst/clap weapon, which would put out more damage than the cowl.

      How to make it GoodIts already good, just not good for the slot.

      How to make it God Tier – Increase the damage output by 15%. This would make it very appealing to a cloth wearers, and could become a second E. This would put it far beyond any other head slot item.

      Robe of Purity

      ProblemNo problem. Already God Tier.

      Sandals of Purity

      ProblemThe item is more utility than mobility. Similar to the Shoes of Tenacity, the shoes are ok, but there are just better options within the slot that pretty much do the same thing.

      How to make it GoodIncrease the movement speed to 70%. This would add a decent amount of mobility that range dps could take advantage of, while not making them excel over other options for the slot.

      How to make it God Tier – change the buff to 5s. This would give more mobility than above, and would be constantly available to use, because of the low cooldown timer.This would make them outshine any other mobility option for the slot.

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