Nubz in Black Recruitment Post

    • Nubz in Black Recruitment Post

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      Nubz in Black now recruiting active veterans and new players!

      Activity list
      Ganking / player hunting
      BZ RZ YZ Dungeon Runs
      Fame Farming
      1v1 PVP Training

      Our Requirements
      Do not send an application if you're not certain you would be a good fit in our guild
      Be active! Must be in discord along with our alliance discord for any news or events
      There is no fame requirement, we ask that our members have a decent grasp of the game
      Be friendly, if you get easily offended or are very "opinionated" dont bother. were a bunch of lads having a laugh

      Loot splitting
      We have a fair looting system, what you grab is what you get
      Donations are not mandatory to the guild, as a farmer/crafter youre free to do as you please, though it is of course welcomed

      Member of the [BONEZ] Alliance
      We're an English speaking guild
      Looking for both US and EU players
      Low tax at only 15% (for building up guild island and ganking gear)
      Currently based in Lymhurst

      Goals for the guild
      Put together a group of like minded players that want to succeed at endgame activities such as bz pvp, dungoen runs and end game crafting/gathering
      Eventually put together a team that can win and defend territories

      How to apply
      Join our guild discord:
      Follow the steps in the recruitment section
      Wait for an officer to review and invite you to the guild