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    • Faction Flag Trade Missions


      So today I ran a Trade Mission and picked up a medium sized crate and a small crate. I ran to Lymhurst, completed the missions and ran back to Bridgewatch where I noticed only one of my crates had turned green (the smaller one) and subsequently only that crate was exchanged for Treehearts.

      The problem that I have noticed is that when I accepted the second transport mission quest, the game appears to overwritten the first quest without notifying me, so now I have a medium sized Beastheart crate which I cannot exchange. If it is supposed to be that you can only do one quest at a time, then the game should safeguard players from accepting multiple missions?

      Any help/support/guidance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

      Kindest regards

    • Thanks for your reply,

      Naturally I will disagree that this is an appropriate safeguard, there is no benefit from overwriting the quest, so an extra step of "You must abandon your current quest first" and then actually abandoning it as a separate step would be so much more user friendly. Although I do accept that I should have paid more attention to this message when it popped up (personally I don't even remember it popping up). A contributing factor may be because these types of messages pop up quite regularly, for example you get 3 separate messages before porting to BZ, so it is reasonable to expect that people may become blind sighted to these types of pop-up messages.

      I thank you for your time and getting back to me, lesson learnt.