Harvesting and Crafting questions

    • Harvesting and Crafting questions

      Hey everyone,

      So I've decided to come back after a break from last year and decided to play a little different from my previous experiences. When I first joined Albion I did the typical fame farming of group/solo dungeons and some 2v2 hellgates. I have experienced the ZvZ content both faction and a full season or two out in the BZ. On my return I noticed solo dungeon loot just isn't worth the risk vs reward unless your diving and I'm not to inclined on grinding another season out with a guild being CTA'd. So I have decided to pick up some tools and do some solo gathering/crafting.

      Some questions and concerns I have are;

      My Tiers -
      Harvesting -T8 Leather, T6 Stone,Ore,Fiber,Wood
      Crafting - Generally I have everything to T5 from dismantling HG winnings

      Server Up
      1) I tried to wake up for server up the past couple days and noticed nodes are generally the same throughout the day as server up unless your a skinner. Is this true?

      Making Silver
      2) How do people harvest and not want to just sell the raw material? Example - I harvested roughly 500 T5 stone, If I sold that raw material I would make about 350k. If I wanted to get my crafting up it takes 3 raw material and 1 T4 stone block to make 1 T5 stone block. In the end to convert and sell these mats I would make roughly 200k due to the previous material needed to have the T4 Blocks and crafting fees. In order to make big profit It seems crafting is a sink hole in your earnings.

      3) I currently have a maxed out Island and have started to level up laborers for extra returns. Once I get these laborers leveled up, I dont see how they could counter the cost deficiencies in question 2, will they?

      4) Is it fair to say that if you choose to craft as a harvester you essentially and are knowingly taking a financial hit just because you want to craft/refine?

      5) For players that dont harvest and just craft - Are you buying cheap refined mats to flip for a small return? because I currently went around to each city and to buy the refined material + Crafting station fees, generally I see just buying the weapon/item is cheaper.

      In the end to make any sort of decent profit it looks like you cant harvest - refine - and then craft without taking a huge loss.
      6) Are there just not enough harvests for supply and demand, hence why raw mats are king?

      I figured if they decreased the gathering time and this whole situation was reverse you would never see raw material on the market because it would be the norm to just craft your own stuff.
      7) Am I doing something wrong or missing something when it comes to this long and time sinking road?
    • Crafting/refining is profitable when you:
      -do not use quick buy/sell
      -use focus
      -have high spec
      -use laborers
      -fill journals

      Preferably few of those.

      woneyed wrote:

      In the end to make any sort of decent profit it looks like you cant harvest - refine - and then craft without taking a huge loss.
      You can, if you do it on 2 (or more) characters. Trying to refine and craft on one character is a waste of money, because both use focus.