Fuck Gathering

    • Crane wrote:

      All this game has become is 9v1 interactions. Fuck them.

      EvaKaneeva wrote:

      Yup, gank parties everywhere all the time... it's trash and I've had enough of it as well. went from actively playing to maybe 30 mins a day. Getting pushed away pretty quickly....nice design Albion! Don't want to put limitations and add solo content..... okay i'm out.
      I really hate gathering in BZ and that stuff. I gathered resources long time ago to get my mammoth for transporting stuff and became refiner. It was profitable and i enjoyed the game. I stick to t4-t5 gathering in Yellow and blue. Now i recently came back, even bought premium. I was doing my stuff as usual, buying cheap, going to other cities for refining bonus and refine with 8% max 15% tax, and now i see 50% tax in EVERY city. What i am trying to say there, if i try to refine i am at loss or 0 if i am refining ( Damn monopol cartels ). I am close to quiting the game completly. All that i see worthwhile now is buying cheap in one city and sell expensive in another city but that's a marginal proffit, not as it used to be. Devs introduce new content for big guilds and PVP continent, but none for solo guys and merchant roleplayers. Main continent with blue/yellow/red zones should be larger, resources respawning quicker, and more zones yellow less reds. I don't enjoy PVP at all as it seems that guys from America have 20 ping, and me living in Poland, even with fiber connection i get 120 ping and lags sometimes. Also i'd like to see feature of mobile shops. For example i take my mammoth somewhere in the zone, and i open the shop that buys and sells stuff at fixed rates, so people dont have to go all the way to the city to sell the stuff, and i can buy them a bit cheaper. It would be fun for me to provide content for such gatherers, and nice interactions i could give better prices for certain people i like etc. To be honest, due to taxes breaking the Gathering - Refining - Selling cycle it's not fun anymore. There are people who made huge profits and they just buy out every shop in the game and get money from noobs trying to refine, or people who cant count costs. Devs focus on PVP and PVP and PVP, nothing else. IMO you shrink your customer pool just to a few while you could have much more active people by adding content for peacefull guys which aren't total psychopaths trying to murder everyone and get their stuff. As for ganks, this is sick. For example, you are gatherer that goes around harvesting. You may have invested like 150k in your harvesting gear, but when you go around for few hours, backpack full of stuff and you come back then it's suicide. 150 K lost, more of that in resources to few gankers that take you out of the mount and kill easily due to the numbers. Problem is that you invest like 3 hours harvesting, and they sit still in one spot, talking, drinking tea, talking, and then killing someone that comes by. That feeling of losing time just because of the game that allows for this is just too big for me to even consider. That thing made me a trader, less risk, less profits but enjoyable, now even this is questionable. With all these taxes skyrocketing it's going to be end of any enjoyment for me at all. What's the point in getting a mammoth while all that would be profitable here would be pure gathering, mining and selling this to monopol moguls in cities. Deffinitely won't buy another premium, or continue to play. Sorry, but no.
    • @Rohas Do they have enter keys in Poland?

      All you are doing is bitching about shit that you could control, but clearly aren't, into a void that sadly I am monitoring.

      Your rant, on my rant, is full of ignorance. You don't have enough experience in the game to be proclaiming such observations. Have you ever been in a guild? Doubtful.

      50% is still profitable with focus. I pay that all the time in Caerleon. Don't like it? Then refine on your island. Oh you want that bonus. Wah.

      150k? That's the price of a swiftclaw. WOOPY.
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