Cluster Queue

    • Instanced zvz is just common sense, in what world do you say "Ok you can fight but the map is capped but don't worry you can afk people at the gate of the map and get more people to have an unfair fight"
      This system is ridiculous, it leads to 700 people in queue for 350 slots and people fighting constantly with double or triple number, even zone lock what not as lame, if map is locked you can just demass or find someone else to fight instead of getting most of your zerg queued out 3 maps away and fighting 40v310
    • What is the reason players are not spread out more? Is there nothing that can be done to encourage more spreading of ppl across the map? Where do the zone queues happen most(red, black, yellow, green.... Oops I mean blue zones)? If the whole map is not being used and ppl just choke up specific swaths of zones then this map flow/layout is broken...

      It is really annoying just being stuck in town, unable to leave and a timer making you wait for 3 mins to bypass the clusterfuck.

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    • Korn wrote:

      Now, prior to the cluster queue, it was possible to block off a zone by placing a large number of players there and reaching the zone player cap. This stopped other players from entering entirely.

      The goal of the cluster queue is to prevent zone capping.

      It has been a year since the introduction of the cluster queue, and when i start to think about it, it doesnt fixed the real issue.

      The cluster queue system was developed as a way to not allow ppl to hold a map and block enemies entrance; It worked, ppl cannot do that anymore, but the core problem wasnt blocking a map, the core problem was that the more people you have willing to fight, the lower are the chances of getting in a good fight, and by consequence, theres no content for mostly of the players involved. Getting online on albion for Fun, massing for 10minutes, walking for 40 and waiting on the queue for other 10 minutes to get no content isnt fun to anyone involved, doesnt expect to have more contest on blackzone while this system is still on place, this change should be a priority for mostly of the SBI team.

      In my opinion, if you wanna fix the real problem, you need to either spread more the ppl between the maps, forcing local and smaller fights between the groups around there or somehow increase the disarray on the giant zergs, while at the same time, hardly nerf coalitions to avoid alliances to just split their numbers in 10 tags.
    • Well i would love to get instant battles for Terris
      or 100v100 depending on the terri we could also have both or mabey change the numbers

      Problem i have whit cluster que:-priority 2, 3, 4 and above .... = no fighting today liek the chance of queing is like almsot 0 (i had a coupel of 30 min ques already)
      -only works aslong as que is below 100 players queing for battle
      -if multipl.. zones are qued you probably wont even get into any battle (cluster fiesta)
      -just a bad system since there to many people at those huge political fights

      good thing about instant battle:
      - no more queing
      - kinda denies mass lanching / could also be a bad thing mabey a good thing = giving solo guild a actual chance to own a zone whitout getting outnumberd ... mabey we increase guild member size
      - no more slave abuse by using people as cluster material!
      - instant battle = epic fights imagine a 100v100 were you die - instant respawn take new set and go again no more running back just to sit in a que ... it would be just like in a 20 v 20 take set go again
      - no more zvz ratting

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    • Itsmagic001 wrote:

      how do i ping administrator im pretty sure 95% of albion player base would love this change

      just make a poll i am soo sure a lot would vote for it seen to many people comment about it in diffrent discords
      Just make one shot comps strong again. Brimstones, galas, siegebows, and bring back the damned damnation. Strong one shot builds deter people from bringing absurd numbers. Reinforce that AoE escalation.
    • fights should 100% be instanced between the defending and attacking alliance, maybe give the defending alliance 175 slots and the attacking alliance 125 slots to give some defender bonus, while still allowing room for a good fight, as somebody that has run a guild in albion since the dawn of time, i can 100% tell you that the cluster que is losing albion alot of players, people just dont want to play games with abuse-able combat systems, why would they when there are so many games out there to play without these kind of issues.
    • Itsmagic001 wrote:

      how do i ping administrator im pretty sure 95% of albion player base would love this change

      just make a poll i am soo sure a lot would vote for it seen to many people comment about it in diffrent discords
      i mean there was a poll, a short time after f2p launch about capping alliance sizes to 300 or 500 players. And we are talking like 5-8k people voted to cap it. Who made it not happen? Round table guild leaders crying about it since that would have effectively killed handholding to such a high degree like it is rn (you knoiw like 70%+ of the bz is in naps during cta type of bs).