So i got a question about yellow zones.

    • So i got a question about yellow zones.

      Yesterday i was playing in a yellow zone and got DC (electricity went out, it happens).
      When i came back i was dead. ( i had blue shield, and i dont have a faction)

      Someone from the game team told me i could die in yellow zone and it was normal.
      Now my question is, isn't yellow supposed to be you get knocked out and lose 10% of your inventory?
      If not, then what is the difference from red zones?

      I don't really care about what I lost, just asking for clarification. And if i can die, just so i zap this zone all together when my internet or electricity isn't stable (I live in a poor country lol) enough.
    • If you werent flagged as faction then you shouldnt have died. You don't even lose 10% of inventory anymore, I think its (10% of the gear cost or something along those lines dropped in silver)
      TLDR Yellow zone is 100% not full loot, unless you are faction flagged.

      Although, if you click the "DIE" button, you will die and lose all your items. You have to wait for the timer to get back up

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    • Well i got DC while gathering. I couldn't click on the "die" button.
      So to resume, i wasn't faction flagged, i was just gathering, i got dc, when I reco a few hours later, i have a screen telling me i died and where i want to revive (home or city).
      That's it. I choose home (island) and i see i lost everything i had on me. (gear , mount, inventory)
      I got dc in black zones and i didn't lose anything.

      And this is the answer of one guy from the team:

      "When your character is not logged out of the game properly, it remains in the game world for 1 minute where it may be vulnerable to attacks by players or mobs. It most certainly is possible to die in a yellow zone."

      As i heard that in yellow zones i couldn't die from just being in the zone if you were a "normal" player then i got curious at how was it possible.
    • I am a new player of 2 weeks. I like PVE and am very confused about yellow, red and black zones as it applies to death and PVP. A few days ago I was in a red zone and got killed, resurrected in city and lost my inventory. That was fine I expected and prepared for that. I have no faction standing I am neutral. Yesterday I was in a yellow zone and just as prepared as I was in red zone to lose inventory. Obviously I do not understand the workings of the zones as it applies to being killed so I prepare for the worst. I am a gatherer and do not run or fight off PKers I just accept the death and deal with it. Back to yesterday, in a yellow zone I was killed 3 times in an hour. Then I got a message from the game that flashed on the screen so fast I could not read it. All I could make out was something about my status. I looked down at the center bottom of my full screen and saw a warrior figure with a yellow sword. Then I noticed my health information above my in zone character was yellow. It has been blue since I've been playing (2 weeks). I went into town and every character's health line above their character was blue and mine was yellow. It is still yellow 24 hours later. I have no idea what it means and the consequences to my character.

      Is there a guide to what the impact is of playing in the different color zones? And will I be yellow for ever different from every character I meet. They all avoid me like the plague.
    • GankerNextDoor wrote:

      You can be killed in yellow zones if you are faction flagged (by a member of another faction) or in yellow zone hellgates.

      You can die in yellow zones by clicking die button after being knocked down, typing /suicide or using self damaging ability.
      I'm not in any faction, so i can't be faction flagged.
      I didn't click on "die" button.
      Well whatever... nobody from the dev care enough. And the ticket I open she was just playing dumb.
      Not like I care so much, i will just go black all the way , it's the same thing...