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      We recenetly left ARCH and moved to another area and I am kinda tired of ganking. In ARCH there were mainly 2 contents: ganking and ZvZ. And now that we left this game is terrible.
      You can't play solo at all because every solodungeon gets dived by 2+ people. For hellgates I don't have nor the fame or the gear yet.
      With a guild without territories even every 3rd group dungeon we get dived, so they go ganking.
      I tried to go gathering which ends up being 20 people chasing me through 4 zones with panthers and ravens.
      The item durability loss per person obviously didn't do anything against that as most of them just sit on ravens and just get ahead of you with mounts so at the end like 3 people hit you.
      Even though all this, gathering in the blackzone still give MORE than ganking very very easily in terms of money. And blackzone will just be better than redzone as they gank the same amount there but decreased stuff.

      So I am asking of will they ever ACTUALLY nerf ganking or do anything against it
      or we are gonna have the game Ganking Simulator 2020 which have an insane amount of other content, but really don't while on average every zone is ganked by 5 guys.

      EDIT 1: I would also like to add that I have nothing against the existence of ganking, I think it's nice to have it that's why albion is amazing all content/thigns you can do BUT this insane amount of it makes the game insanely one-dimensional, frustrating and boring.

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    • ImaDoki wrote:

      People gank in numbers because ganking is nerfed.

      If it was possible to gank solo, people would.
      do u rly think if ganking would be buffed all that Zerg-runners would run solo ?
      The real problem why zerg ganking exists is profit!
      If there would not be a real good profit in zergs compared to solo - would not exist 10ppl gank squads and everybody would gank solo
      SBI just need to make higher trash rate during several ppl attacks you... something like 90%
      And Zerg ganks wouldn’t exist
    • Yeah, me too. I hate the ganker. especially in Red zone, that's why I like albion put 50% loot system on red zone. or ganking it's not allowed. Black zone I think it's Ok. as long you have good guild and have an NAP and alliance. it's not a big problem. or on the black zone make it more specific zone that ganking it's not allowed. but seems not possible.
    • I am based in Lymhurst and the situation in BZ has been going downhill in the area in the past 3 weeks so much that I decided to not go solo anymore, even small group dungeoning is becoming horrendous.
      Yesterday, we tried to go blue dungeoning, in the way to the zone we were heading there was a gank zerg, 2 of us died to them (one being me). After dying I tried to head to the zone through another path, in the first try to reach there I was ganked again by 3 different groups (1 small and 2 big), the third group was able to get me. I went again, through a different route, one last try, you know...In the way I was also ganked by 1 zerg I could scape and then got ambushed in a tunnel with people coming from both sides. I did not try a fourth time because my group then got dive in the blue dungeon they were farming. Out of 7 zones I went through, there was people ganking on 5 of them.
      Also the solo dungeon spawning timers have done diving much more likely to happen, since when you find a dungeon being cleared you have very high chances of being able to catch the person clearing it. I would be ok with this change for the sake of having more PvP content if not because I rarely got dive by 1-2 persons, most common being 3-4 and have been dove a couple of times by 10+.
      This may seem like an extraodinary event that rarely happens, but sadly it's becoming the normal state of the game.
      Maybe it's not so bad during not prime hours, but sadly for me these are the hours I am able to play and BZ is nearly unplayable now unless you are part of the problem, which pushes you into becoming part of the problem or quit.
      In my eyes un possible solution would be to make the BZ bigger, since at the moment is overpopulated and dominated completely by huge alliances with NAPs, which make the "more risk more reward" rule not apply to them. Anyway I don't think this alone will fix the solo experience, which now feels like a very bad trip.

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    • The BZ is actually already huge and honestly mostly dead. The problem is limited realm gate entry funnels lead to excessive ganking in those limited places all players are forced to travel. One easy change is going back to 6 spread out realm gates per BZ city. Each realm gate having 4 exits. This will not stop ganking as ganking should exist however it would be much harder to just camp limited forced paths.