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    • Hello, since the last update (I think) I have experienced some strange behavior that I have now concluded is a bug.

      CONTEXT: Since the last patch I have started to notice a lot more lag (response time from opening Marketplace to showing items in Marketplace can now take up to 10 seconds, up from maybe 0.2 seconds). I am playing from a Mac if that helps, and I haven't noticed any connection issues using any other software on my computer, only when playing Albion. It is close to unplayable, I can't do any PvE or PvP but am instead locked in to only "playing" the economic game at the moment in hope that this gets fixed.

      I think that the bug I have faced is in relation to the lag.

      • Description of the issue: When I try to retrieve loot from the laborers, sometimes the loot does not appear in my inventory.
      • Steps to reproduce: Give a filled journal to your laborer, wait 22 hours, go retrieve the loot.
      • Result: I click "claim" or whatever it says but my inventory is empty. No empty journal, no materials. Important to note is that it does not happen 100% of the time but only sometimes.
      • Expected result: I click "claim" and retrieve both the loot and the empty book.