On how to (hopefully) reduce hand-holding and improve diversity in the black zone through a regional approach

    • On how to (hopefully) reduce hand-holding and improve diversity in the black zone through a regional approach

      MMOs have have a natural tendency towards breeding bigger and bigger groups of people who coordinate to basically dominate the game, what is usually called hand-holding. This makes perfect sense if you think that, all things equal, two people beat one, three beat two and in general the more beat the fewer; current Albion is a perfect example of this.

      We have seen the efforts that the devs have been doing towards implementing changes to reduce this: e.g. Alliance Restrictions Test: Findings and Next Steps . Although alliances have been nerfed, hand-holding continues in the form of "confederations" or "soft politics" pacts. The new proposed changes to encourage conflict within these big groups to fight over energy and season points will not be, in my opinion, very different than the alliance nerf, as both of these (evergy and season points) can be split among the members of the "confederation".

      I believe a different approach is required:

      Logic: A prerequisite for "The more beat the fewer" is that people can add their power to form these huge "confederations", which is very much the case in current Albion (except for map caps, but i'll not touch on this issue). If every guild in a confederation joins in the destruction of a small guild, their power is more or less combined in an additive way, which makes it impossible to defend a terry or a HO for a small guild in the black zone, thus small or solo guilds are very few if any in the black zone. I think this needs to be broken, 15 guilds should not be able to combine their power in a simple additive fashion.
      Method: I propose to introduce a territorial strategy, in which every guild should clearly define their principal HO, and gain comparative bonuses when acting (defending/attacking HO, terry, castles, etc..) on the map that territory is located. In the same way, guilds should have a strong handicap if they are, for example, attacking a territory that is 10 maps away from their main map. This would produce a much more local-regional sphere of influence for each guild.

      I dont know the details, if it should be implemented in the form of the already in place debuff or on their ability/cost to lunch attacks on terrys/HOs, or some other way, but I think the logic of reducing the influence (power) that a guild has on maps that are far away from where their players usually play will naturally result in guilds centering their business locally, as they will loose the ability to dominate far-away maps. Thus, even if I want to make a huge confederation to dominate half of the black-zone, only guilds nearby a territory will have a real influence on that territory, rendering more irrelevant the size of the confederation (hand-holding group). In this sense, if guilds center their activities more locally (say around 5 maps from their main HO) this will result in more guilds obtaining a real presence in the black zone, and thus improving diversity and real conflicts in the game (and hopefully eliminating the "content" orchestrated by confederations leaders).
    • Just need to instance territory fights to only attacking/defending alliance, thus would force people to stop abusing the debuff and be in the same alliance if they want to fight together, kill off renting at the same time, which is a huge problem right now, soon as a smaller group takes land a mega alliance will come along and say now you pay rent to us or your out. But I don't think SBI has the stomach for such a change, just listen to the round table which is made up of mega alliance leaders and members, and the game gets even worse, look at the most recent season point banking feature on territory, perfect for the mega to have all territory back from renting empires at end of season and still get points without having to incur penalties for too many territorys during the season, let's face it, games a joke now for anyone that doesn't enjoy mega alliance life, and il eat my shoe if they have the balls to fix it.
    • I don't accept that, what your saying is those with skill would get fair fights and be unbeatable, I think they earned that with there skill right? Instead of this dumb I bring half the map with me BS, it would also make it very hard for power to be projected across the map because you can be everywhere at once, so many positives, and I don't see best skill wins as being a negative