One way to change current Openworld situation

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    • One way to change current Openworld situation

      Hi all,

      I've been playing Albion Online for 2 years now and I've been part of multiple ZvZ oriented guilds. There are a lot of debates and discussions when it comes to balancing the game and especially ZvZ which has taken a even more important place in the game since the Queen Update.

      The disarray are changed the player experience by making almost impossible the One shot meta. These changes greatly improved my ZvZ experience and from the different returns I got (message from devs on reddit or friends in the game) most of the ZvZ players are happy with this.

      However, there is still some issues to be solve. Nowadays there are too many players that wants to contest exactly the same objectives and it leads to the N+1 debate and handhold. The main issue is that since population increased a lot since Queen update, the number of OpenWorld objectives is too low for the amount of players and guilds that want to play these objectives. I've seen it in the past few months: now in most places Outpost are contested by groups of 50+ players and big castle by groups of 100+ players. Thus, guilds and groups of player between 5 and 30 players can face difficulties to contest even the smallest Openworld content which are outpost.

      One way to solve this would be to add more openworld objectives. How can this be done ? For instance objectives could give points at each timer. For instance an outpost could give points at 15UTC / 18UTC / etc. even if located on a 12UTC map. Therefore every timer of the game could reward people fighting for objectives and the number of objectives at each timer would increase.

      By adding many objectives, guilds and alliances will have to split their forces to contest as much objectives as they want/can and thus lead to less overcrowded maps, lowering the number of times Cluster Queue and Handhold/disarray abuse would be seen.

      BUT, by increasing the number of objectives, there could be too many season points generated and therefore it could become very easy to reach gold+ ranks. One solution to this would be to add a limited number of spots to each ranks. For instance, the 10 first guilds would be crystal, the 25 next would be gold and etc. This would allow season points and season rewards not to be linked so directly as they are at the moment. Additionnally, this measure would help the season ranks to be contested from day one to day 90 of a season. How many guilds are pushing for one specific rank and then stop doing anything since the goal is secured ?

      We can even expect some rewards based on the guilds rank at each reset day. The crystal/gold/silver/etc ranks guilds at each reset day get some rewards, This would help the game competition to keep being interesting everyone during every stage of the season.

      And at the end the devs would only have to balance the balance between points generated by OW / points genereted by crystals / points generated by mages, without having to balance season points generated VS season rewards.

      TLDR To sum up, the way the pb of current state of ZvZ can be solve to me is:
      • Make OW objectives (outpost,castles, WB) give points at more than 1 timer per day (this can be (1 timer before the map reference timer and 1 after) OR (at every timer) for instance)
      • Make season ranks (Crystal, gold, silver, bronze, iron) based on ranking and not season points ( example of ranks distribution 8 / 24 / 96 / 192)
      • Implement rewards for season ranks at each reset day to make sure people fighting for season ranks from day 1 to day 90 are rewarded
      • Balance season points generation to reward people going outside cities and fighting for objectives
      • Additionnal : For WB, make a chest that is refilled once a day on the map timer and only classic loot + season points at other timers quite similarly to how castle loot works
      • Additionnal : Increase spawn rate of WB ressources (6h respawn) and make it give season points
      This could, to me, spread the population and number of people involved in ZvZ and allowing lower numbers to fight each others at a higher number of spots. By giving more OW objectives and lowering the importance of number to contest these objectives, more players and guilds will have the possibility to take part to the OW battle a not only through dungeon diving or gank.

      Thanks for reading this post and feel free to give your statement or point of view on the idea :)