Arena Matchmaking and Participation

    • Arena Matchmaking and Participation

      I really enjoy the arena game mode and spend quite a bit of time playing it. These are a few issues that I think are pretty major and I'd love to see some improvement on.

      • Smarter matchmaking (i.e. by elo) and if it already exists, then make it explainable
      • Matchmaking seems riddled with bugs and issues like:
        • Sometimes my "Start" channel gets cancelled and it says I left the queue
        • The number of players ready makes no sense, I'm not even sure it works
        • Lots of queue dodging makes for an annoying matchmaking process
      • I play way past my 3 wins of the day and would love to see some additional rewards for all players
      • There's no incentive to play past 3 wins unless you just like that mode like I do, adding some incentive would be great and would help with queue times

      I appreciate the work that's done already on arena and am excited to see it get better!
    • I will keep suggesting it in every arena topic, until it happens.
      1. Unlimited arena rewards. So players can play arenas with rewards as many as they want.
      2. Double reward for healers. So more players will queue as healers.
      3. Give PvE fame for scoring tickets to both teams, instead of tomes for winner at the and. So players would not give up, and will try to resist as much as they can.

      Arenas should not be worse then T4 solo expeditions in terms of time spent imho.
      WTB skill
    • gmatagmis wrote:

      If there was arena-like battlegrounds, i would live in there...
      I agree Gmatagmis!
      I love the gameplay in Albion, but would prefer to just pvp in a zone that I don’t have to run around for an hour, or have a group with me. I would love to see some of the following changes:
      1. More game modes 5v5, 10v10
      - Arena
      - Capture The Flag
      - Zone Control
      - could add random que to keep a one que system.
      2. Fix the Que which require constant restart.
      3. Add some fame to be earned for kills obtained in battleground. Could be consistent with fame earned from expeditions.
      4. Fix balance... maybe group people by fame or arena win/loss percentage?
      5. Allow games without healers. Most of the time a gimp healer joins just for a fast que anyways.. might as well have just been a dps.