Albion Together | "Community Garden" experiment

    • Albion Together | "Community Garden" experiment

      I would like to extend a warm welcome to any and all Albion players who wish to try a community garden experiment.

      At the moment, the only community garden available is in Martlock. If this proves to be something that provides value to other players, then we will grow the island as well as expand to the other cities.

      The "rules" are as follows:
      • The island is, at present, home to 2 Farms and 1 Pasture. Plots are available on a first come, first served basis. Two Herb Gardens will be added in the future.
      • A T4 Cook, T4 Butcher, T4 Alchemist, and a Mill are provided. Note that T1 recipes are always "free" (i.e., they don't require nutrition).
      • There is also a T4 Tanner, as Martlock has a bonus to resource return for refining hides into leather.
      • Bring Your Own Supplies. If you want to plant or raise something, you buy the seeds or baby. If you want to use a station, it may not be stocked with nutrition.
      • There is no ownership. Crops you plant or animals you raise could be harvested by someone else; plant at your own risk.
      • Help is appreciated—but not at all expected—with upgrading the buildings on the island.
      Send me a message here on the forums with your character name(s) or send a friend request to MartlockTogether and I will add you to the visitor list of the community garden.

      Have fun, everyone. May the fembers forever be in your favor.

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    • Don't want to be a buzzkill but this idea is really not long lasting.
      People will just come there and abuse the hospitality till your island is dead. "No ownership" means that there will be punch of people just collecting stuff for profit, why would anyone try to raise animals or farm anything there if random person can come and clean out your field. No one will supply free nutrition to crafting stations that are not worth the outcome in the first place.
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    • It is a small investment on my part to try; I see little disaster. I am not naive to the fact that in all things, virtual and real, there are people who abuse honor systems. But they exist nonetheless. I wanted to try that here, thus I use the term "experiment."

      Why would you go to a Black Zone if someone can kill you and take everything you've got? It is not a perfect parallel, but there is risk, and there is reward. You control your gear and skills to get away.

      Here, you have the knowledge of time. You plant your crops, you know when you can return. The crops would all have different timers, because they wouldn't be planted at the same time. It is more investment to try to grief, because you would have to come and go at all sorts of times throughout the day.

      If you don't have the funds to buy premium and build an island, then you can try this. Or you cannot. It is optional risk and reward.

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

      My worst case scenario is that the experiment fails because no one uses it, or because someone griefs them away. In which case I close it down and have an extra island, and I have put forth an effort to try to help others.

      My best case scenario is someone can grow crops and level their skills they wouldn't ordinarily.

      I'm pretty okay with that.

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    • Bashkimi wrote:

      It is a small investment on my part to try; I see little disaster
      I dont doubt that that there will be no disaster for you .. worst outcome is that it doesnt work out as planned and you still have a fully usable island. The recipe for disaster I referred to was your disgruntled users as they get ripped of by others taking their crops/animals .. and it WILL happen.
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    • I am adding a Tanner because of the passive Martlock refinement bonus; it will be T4 shortly. There is no usage fee because it also operates under "Bring Your Own Food" and will likely not have any nutrition most of the time.

      To reiterate, message me or send MartlockTogether a friend request to receive access to the island.