The Off-Season Crystal Tournament

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    It doesn't make sense to re-schedule something like this so soon. There should have never been a promised date to begin with. You need to work around the players with this one. Figure out the winners of the level 9 first and then lets talk about a date. The tournament that was supposed to happen in season 8 worked exactly like that. You messaged all the teams that had won level 9 and then you began scheduling. Just do it again.

    It has to be this way if you want a fair tournament.
    Scheduling dates with the teams that qualify is probably the best solution here, can spread out the fights as needed. If you are worried about showcasing the fights, they can always be recorded and played back with commentary by the albion stream during the weekend.
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    So the offseason tourney is now at the start of the next season? With ava weapons disallowed what is the point of moving the date of the tourney?

    Edit: apparently season has been moved a week as well. Still doesn't change the fact that announcing one date and then changing it 2 weeks in advance means you will have teams no showing due to plans already made.

    SkuzKabel wrote:

    Yeah like wtf is this? You announced before one date, people took holidays and plans off already for that weekend and now you change? No fucking way.... you can't do that
    Hi, I understand your concerns about it and that it's not an ideal situation for your team. It was not an easy decision to make, but shifting the tournament back by a week would allow more time to find and resolve any bugs or exploits that arise out of the content update, so that we can have a better tournament in general.
    With this, what you will have is one tournament without one of the best teams... but I guess It is what It is, happens... right?GF = Get Fucked , on our side obviously.

    Each day, AO making worse and worse decisions just have your point of view
    Look from game perspective..

    It doesn't matter if one or two teams miss.

    The casual player won't see the difference anyway

    So a big sacrifice for the affected team a small or non existent for the game.

    It is all about getting some viewers and some promo, and sorry as long as some show up the objective to get some promo and some new players will be fulfilled.

    Different story and arguments would be if u have big streamers on the team..
    The top teams do have big streamers relative to the directory. This tournament is about the top players not the casuals who are watching
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    I do however agree that winning a level 9 to qualify should be lowered to for instance winning a level 8. With the level 9 being only one fight of random matchmaking you can easily end up in situations where several potential top 3 teams won't be able to participate in the off season tourney. For instance what if the current #1 and #2 team have to fight each other in the level 9 fight.
    @Mytherceria Hey i just wanted to bump this concern because it is in fact very concerning :D. could be disastrous since the whole point of the off season tourney is figure out who the absolute best team is.