⚜️ [Twilight Tavern] ⚜️ - Mature, international Lymhurst based guild now recruiting!

    • ⚜️ [Twilight Tavern] ⚜️ - Mature, international Lymhurst based guild now recruiting!

      "The coppery taste of blood in your mouth... The searing, movement-denying pain of the bastards bloodletter sprouting from your side... You should have seen him. You would have, if not for the other five of his companions trying to slice and burn you, demanding your immediate attention. The last thing you remember, the footsteps closing in on your unmoving body and their laughter. The mocking, rage-inducing shouts from the youngest one: "Haahah feg, can't kill just six of us, haha! Poooosy! Let 'see what he's got on him!". Your bag, weapon, your pants and shoes forcefully stripped of you. Then nothing.

      Light. The pain... gone. You slowly open your eyes just to be greeted by several unfamiliar faces, looming over you, "Have they not finished me? Is it not yet over?" - You think. The nearest men step aside, and an older, white-haired one comes forth, greeting you with a nod and a smile.

      "Welcome brother. Be calm - the worst is over now, for you have left your old life behind. You have fought well, ambushed, outnumbered... You have earned your place here, among your brothers and sisters. Welcome, to the Twilight Tavern - the final rest of the brave, the house of honour - your new home."


      Guild Discord & Recruitment:

      Guild Goals
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      Armed in experience and having learned our lesson from the past mistakes, we have set out on a great quest - creating the single most powerful Guild the game has ever seen. No creating twink guilds to cheat the maximum guildmember count, or joining massive alliances and all of the political bullshit that comes with it - simply set off, and purify the world of Albion of all the unworthy, and the toxic.

      Our Ultimate goals:
      - Conquering a well-situated T8 map on the black zones to call our home, with all the adjacent lower tier maps, killing off anyone who dares cross our borders
      - Maintaining a strong presence in all of the instantiated endgame content: High level HCEs, Arenas and Crystal League
      - Growing a strong, 300-men community, where each of the members is the very top in his field, and where there are no inactive "filler" members just to top up the counter
      - Kicking ass. All of it.

      Our Origins
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      For over a year we have led a polish-only guild - housing both the experienced, and the total newcomers. We have tried everything Albion has to offer - from smallest scale 1vX, 5vX PvE and PvP, to the largest map-locking ZvZ battles the game has seen.
      We have survived betrayals. The enemy guild schemes. Member stealing. Weak hearted men, who drop out as soon as it gets hard pulling others with them. Three times have we rebuilt from nothing, each time stronger than before.

      But enough is enough.

      Albion Online is a game, and a game is supposed to be enjoyable - that, sadly is not possible trying to play in a "community" where everyone is toxic to each other, where butt-licking and massing in numbers is the only way to get anywhere. Where "honour in a game" is something to laugh at, by unemployed, basement dwelling fatties who survive only due to social funds and their parents money - seeking the easiest route, unwilling to work for what they wish to have, acting for their gain no matter what. We have enough of those kinds of rats in the life outside of Albion.

      Therefore, with the experience and the resources we have brought with us, we have created a new, international guild - we welcome any man or woman who believes personal values do have a place in a computer game too, and that the anonymous nature of this world does not entitle anyone to behave like a filthy animal.

      What are we about?
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      - Quality over Quantity - we do realize Albion is a game where the team that brings more men usually wins, even if most of the additional men are of trash quality, but we would like to challenge that fact, and see how far can a small, close-knit group of trained and experienced warriors go! We aim to become the strongest we can every day - finding ways to get fame, silver, train our skills and master the characters we play.

      - Honour and discipline - computer games are a medium, when it comes to community interaction - in that regard they do not differ much from a skype call, a group chat on faceblob or a conversation in real life [other than not being physically present] - we believe one should follow his or her values in games as much, as he does in real life. After all, you don't simply drop your pants and shit on the person you talk to in real life, do you! And that's pretty much the equivalent of what some of the players do in computer games. Because "no consequences" and anonymity.

      - Focus and motivation - we have a clear plan, based on several years of experience, and we follow it closely. We are not looking for people who only see several steps ahead, and sway in the wind like a flag. We are looking for people who have the motivation and patience to work together towards a greater goal.

      What do we expect from our members?
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      - Be loyal - We don't care if you have a hundred million fame, or you just joined the game two days ago - if you are loyal, we will train you and help you out - there will always be place for you among us. We do not do selections based on numbers and fame, but based on what kind of a person you are. Times can be hard. Members can get kicked or leave. Remember - the first creatures leaving a supposedly "sinking" ship are rats.

      - Be active - As much as we understand there is real life stuff to be done, like work, family, dog demanding to go poop and such, we require daily attendance in the guild activities. We have no need for people who go offline for two weeks, come back to chat a bit, and then go back away. We are all working people, with a ton of interests and activities outside of Albion - if we can make it to be there for the guild every day, so can you. Of course we do understand that real life > game, so if you know you will be offline for a longer period of time simply tell one of the officers - you can come back later, and noone will have to wonder if you still play or not :)

      - Be motivated to work for your stuff - Noone likes freeriders. Noone. We will be more than happy to help you out, share our experience and resources if needed, but you have to show us you put in work into what you have. Want free stuffies and kimkis? Go join one of the numerous zergs where you will be yet another number to dress up and send to the quarry.

      - Respect the guild rules and follow your orders - a big structure where everyone does what he wants is called a kindergarden. If we want to reach our goals as a guild, everyone has to follow the plan. We don't need teenages bitching that "they won't do something because they don't want to" or trying to play stupid domination games with the officers or the leader because they want to grow their stick - either we all work together, or we end up in dirt. And I will not allow that to happen.

      - Play Albion - do you see that nothing is happening? You'd like to go dungeons, but noone is calling for a team? Organize stuff! Gather a team and do activities. Don't wait for other people to do it for you. The worst thing you can do, is say "meh noone is doing anything" and go play another game - if we all did that, then nothing will ever happen. The officers have numerous responsibilities and can't always organize your playground - help them make things work!

      What do we offer as a guild?
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      - Daily Activities - Depending on the member count, we participate in several activities: right now we're focusing on HCE [Hardcore Expeditions]. Other activities [depending on the member count]: light YZ PvP training, RZ&BZ PvE and PvP, Faction content, Ganks & Diving, PvE Farm, RP

      - A well structured discord server - The link to join and apply for the guild: discord.gg/8udwMDN

      - Experienced Leader and officers - many of us play since day one of closed alpha, we're no strangers to Albion.

      - Endgame content - been there, done it. When the member count is right, we shall march out onto the black zones, and conquer the land. Whether it likes it or not. The endgame ZvZ content is where we aim at, once the guild is numerous and trained enough.

      - A Hideout on T7 map for future use - once we're out in the black, it's nice to have a place to get some rest and resupply without having to run back to city all the time, right? The plans include setting up a network of hideouts on several maps - from T5 to T8.

      - Guild island based in Lymhurst, with all the required equipment - thetford is a swamp. It's good for shrek. Lymhurst is where the big boys at.

      - A stash of silver to fund our conquests

      - Low tax

      - Non-toxic, friendly atmosphere - we're all grown up people here. We will not tolerate toxic and immature people in our guild - you can be sure if one shows up, he will quickly get cut down.


      Don't wait - apply now, and begin your new life as a member of Twilight Tavern!

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