Higher Tier Rss in Lower Tier Zones

    • Higher Tier Rss in Lower Tier Zones


      THE ISSUE: The current Albion Online gameplay highly encourages PVP, which by all means is a great thing...for some. However, for those who wish to play with other means in mind (gathering, farming, crafting, exploring dungeons, selling goods, etc), the current games position forces them to engage in combat with other players, even if it's to avoid losing resources or being killed. For example, a player looking to gather enough T5 or T6 stone to build a Potions Lab or a Cloth Building, must enter a Yellow or Red Zone eventually (even if the player's weapons aren't at a T5 or T6 level). Despite this player's stance, whether for or against combat, they will inevitably be targeted by other players.

      YOUR TASK: Create a solution that allows lower tier players to gain access to higher tier resources without the need to enter Yellow and Red Zones.

      THE BENEFITS: Players of lower tiers can advance in non-combat skills faster allowing them to craft better gear, mounts, potions, etc. thus increasing the availability of high quality goods in Player City Markets and evening the distribution of wealth among new players.
      Please leave your comments below. I definitely want to hear your POSITIVE feedback and thoughts on how we can make Albion more inclusive and welcoming for all.
      Update: Below I'll add the suggestions found in some of the comments to bring people up to speed.
      Original Suggestion: Create an optional 1 hr Daily Shield for use in Yellow and Red Zones for players that choose to gather without PVP.

      SUGGESTION #1: Limit the shield to the zone it is activated in, reducing the time to 15 minutes, with the shield being cancelled once you leave the zone.
      SUGGESTION #2: Create or Modify an existing Blue Zone that would populate alternate higher tier resources every week. Ex. One week a particular Blue Zone would feature T6 Hide or T5 Stone.
      SUGGESTION #3: Create a Hidden Sanctum within the Yellow Zone for PVP-free gathering. Upon exiting players would have a limited amount of time to exit the zone before they are subject to being targeted.

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