One of a kind weapon feeling and unique World Spawns?

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    • One of a kind weapon feeling and unique World Spawns?


      I'm 45, started playing MMOG early...Pagan and Ultima Online have been my first experiences with an Online World. I liked UO so much that i become one of the official Counselor on "Europa" one of the official Servers under the name of "Chronos". I than moved on to DOAC, and from there i playtested first and worked as a dev laters on on many MMOG titles. Spent eons of time on WOW, actually brought WOW economical system as the center of my University final thesis on Marketing: "How business model and macro economical iystem influence game design & product marketing, World of Warcraft Case". All this to say that MMOG's have been a central part of my life since i was a bit more of a kid.

      Among all the aspects that enticed me in a virtual worlds, such as game mechanics, economics etc. there was one among all that was crucial for me and that was item customization and "unique feel". Bragging rights for Virtual Worlds are the crop of the cream imho.
      Yes, customization and "unique" hunting. I remeber when in UO we were waiting for server restart in order to hunt those "world unique" items that where hiding here and there on the Server. My very first unique was "a basin", a simple, ugly basin that spawned every morning or so on the server, just once. Purely cosmetic item, no real usage if not the change to help decorating my house. Same thing was for weapons: Ruin--->Might--->Power--->Vanquishig were the categories of power from weakest to most powerful (here i think that is covered by the role of runes, different resources and enchanting). The signature of the crafter on your weapon and the different color depending on the color of the metal used to craft, were other 2 aspects that helped me feed my hunt for unique or rare at least. I remember there was a famous blacksmith on our server "The Glorious Lord Ulysses". His weapons were exactly the same as those my character "The Glorious Lord Vulcano", another very famous smith on the server was able to craft. but Ulysses signature was something like waering an Armani and a Zara...just to make the idea. There was the chance to make some RP and yes grow the feel of unique of characters and creations of artesans. (roaming around with a Valorite plate armor set and a katana of vanquising, while riding a white wyrm, bragging around in front of Britain bank, was a feeling that only UO gave me).

      Now, on to Albion. Honestly. this game is the closest thing to UO i have ever tried. And please developer, if you ever will read this, take this as a huuuuuge compliment, because that is how i meant it. This is the first time I'm able to breath again a real choice on the path of my character, wheter i want to spend my life on the island (which by the way is super fun), whether I'd prefer t go solo dungeoning, or maybe with a guild. Each and every aspect of the game is very well produced and fairly developed so far. Even the graphic, it's style reminds me of my first "love". There is only one thing most of all that i think I'm missing: customization for weapons and armors. Yes, that part of the game, in my humble opinion needs a revamp. Such revamp could come in the way of random values, names and titles for armors and weapons (and even some aesthetic differentiation won't hurt). If I'm going for a VIII dungeon, of undeads, why the reward is the same sword that any crafter can preoduce in town? Why not changing the name, skin and values to increase my bragging rights??? (for those of you thinking about PVP balance...maybe a PVE only version of such weapons could be the key. Such PVE only version could turn into PVP only if my character is attacked by hostiles for example, just an idea to be developed of course). Also, please please please, introduce world unique spawns, you have an amazing rotation system for resource spawns, why not apply this for world spawn here and there. I'm not referring to the hidden chests with, yet again, those rewards which are filling auction houses. I'm referring to a daily one of a kind or similar spawn.

      Anyway, again, I would like to congratulate with developers, this game is one of a kind experience which is keeping me in the loop like only UO was able to do.

      Sorry about the long post, about the grammar, but I wanted to express my 2 cents.

      In game: Penthatol and Aedea. Guild: Decima Mas

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