Bow of Badon - Storm

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    • Bow of Badon - Storm


      Ok i get the message of people saying some spells that uninterruptible after update but.. i need to know this..
      every single time i cast my storm ability on mob WHILE they cast the uninterruptible spell, they literally take 0 damage and neglect the entire storm!!! like cmoon its really getting on nervs!! This should not be happening!!
      this is happening on the following mobs:
      - Guards in hiden keep
      - Bosses in hiden keep
      - Bosses in hiden mines
      - Bosses in hiden caverns
      - Ice mages in hiden keep ect.
      like seriously.. if someone tells me that them mobs neglecting the ENTIRE STORM AND DEALING 0 DAMAGE while casting their uninterruptible spells is not a bug.. might as well remove the badon from the game.
      its weird how its dealing damage to them if i use the storm before they cast the uninterruptible spells but this thing is going on for more than a week ever since the update! please!!