The Big Long List Of Things Broken In T8 Undead World Boss Zones

    • The Big Long List Of Things Broken In T8 Undead World Boss Zones

      Fuck it here we go

      Chests: So there were supposed to be 2 types of chests:

      standard chests: which were low value and low risk only protected by standard mobs

      veteran chests: which give significantly more silver because they are protected by veteran mobs

      Note 90% of the pre-patch 11 silver came from the veteran chests when fame farming inside zones such as Deathreach Priori

      Due to what I can only assume to be legacy code due to it being one of the oldest and most neglected zones in the game a number of issues were present that were advantageous

      Shades being incorrectly tagged as veteran when they should have been tagged elite

      Bosses being tagged Elite when they should be tagged Veteran (still active, pls dont fix the fame is better but the respawn time is longer and fits better in a casual hour half rotation)

      All the chests in the zone including standard chests were incorrectly tagged as veteran chests, but during the recent patch (11.2/3) All the chests including those which were supposed to be veteran intentionally were flagged standard.

      Initially I thought this was a game design choice, ironic as they buffed the silver from the mobs themselves to make them more lucrative, but upon inspection of the Parallel setup T6 Zone Camlann I confirmed tha the correct distribution of Chest Tagging.

      Now I know this doesn't affect that many people since the T8 Undead zones are still underutilized (they're the best fame per hour in the game and nobody realizes it) but due to the chest flagging issue the net silver has decreased to 1/10th of its previous rate.

      Yes I know that the change was made to hurt chest rats but let me be clear that the groups we were utilizing were not chest ratting but actually fame farming so we have the "actual" numbers on this for intended
      non-cheese rates.

      @Thorn-Delwyn you've been good on getting back to me on these and with 5 mins of your time ingame I can walk you through everything involving the bugs.